Spend free time wisely: Follow these Twitter accounts


Social media is becoming one of the top ways people spend their free time. People use it for news, sports, comedy, or politics.
One of the biggest social media sites is Twitter, in which 157 million people are tweeting, retweeting, and liking dozens of posts daily. With about 500 million tweets being posted every day, Twitter has emerged as one of the top social media platforms in the United States and the rest of the world. When it comes to Twitter one of the most important things is knowing who the best accounts are to follow so you can get the most out of your time. Whether you have an account now or still need to get tweeting, here are four of the best accounts and people you need to follow.

Donald Trump @RealDonaldTrump- Since last year’s election, the president has been non-stop tweeting whatever comes to mind. Although this may seem like a person you’d follow for politics, you will soon realize that it is comedy too. With tweets coming out left and right your feed will never be empty and instead filled with tweets about important issues that the president loves to put his opinion on such as when he tweeted how the election was rigged during last year’s race. Plus, he’s the president of the United States so you have to follow him.

@BoringBigAlex- Are you ever feeling down and want a good laugh? If yes, you have to follow the school’s own Alex Cohen on twitter. Even though the name may be a little deceiving, Boring Big Alex is one of the funniest accounts you will come across. As he tweets whatever comes to his mind, like his maple syrup in the morning, you get a good look into Alex’s life with things that are so boring they are funny. “@Boringbigalex constantly makes me laugh.” junior Eric Quam said. “When he posts it just brightens my day since the tweets are such ridiculous things that just make you laugh.”

Barack Obama @BarackObama- You may be thinking, why should I follow another politician? Well, our former POTUS is clearly doing something right on Twitter since he has the most followers in the world with 100 million. Between his inspiring statements and funny jokes with Joe Biden about his birthday, Obama keeps his followers reading and always wanting more. “I didn’t know if I should follow Obama on Twitter since he’s a politician, but when I saw that he had almost 100 million followers at the time I had to,” sophomore Bailey Goldstein said.

House of Highlights @HoHighlights- Calling all sports fans: this is a must follow. This account is filled with the most thrilling sports highlights all in one place. With highlights from basketball, football, baseball and even original at-home videos, there’s no better place to get a recap of your favorite sports games and the best plays. Between Lebron James’ dunks and Odell Beckham Jr. catches, House of Highlights brings everything a sports fan needs to the table “House of Highlights has all of the top highlights on Twitter, which makes it so enjoyable to follow so I can see the best players in sports doing crazy things,” freshman Robby Neil said.


Danny Rothenberg

News Editor