ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Benefits, downsides to pets


A 16 year old girl walks home,weighed down. She arrives home, slides her backpack off and heads for the bathroom.  She looks in the mirror, unpleased with her blemished skin. She then remembers the upcoming tests  tomorrow, chores she has to do, not to mention the amount of homework she has. She sighs, exiting the bathroom as her worries circle around in her brain . Her dog runs to her barking and wagging its tail excitedly. She hugs her dog, petting him and buries her face in his fur. All of her worries wash away.


Growing up may be difficult, but there’s an upside to those dreaded teen years.Pets, everyone’s best friend can guide you through life. “ I’ve had my dog, a golden doodle for 10 years. He’s helped me a lot, “ junior Mia Silver said.


Pets are more than just animals. “My dog is loyal,trustworthy,kind, loving and friendly. He gets along with other people and their pets,“ Silver said.


A loyal friend is one the best friends to have. ”Its nice to have a companion to enjoy life with,” junior Morgan Siegel said.


Pets can also help your social life. They can become your friends, surround you with their unconditional love. “My poodle makes the house less lonely, when I’m alone,” Siegel said.


Lots of teenagers struggle with their mental health. Pets can decrease depression, anxiety, and stress according to ”My dog decreases my stress, which can be enormous at times,” Siegel said.


There are also physical health benefits to having a pet. They can lower blood pressure, ease pain and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. “My dog always comforts me when I’m in pain. He just lays next to me, “ Siegel said.


Despite all the benefits of owning pet, there is a lot of responsibility included.


“You have to feed,clean up after, walk and, entertain them. That can get very tiring. Plus its hard to travel with a pet,” Freshman Tyler Hardzog said.


Regardless of the tremendous amount of responsibility a pet may bring, having one can improve life. “ I wouldn’t give up my dog,because of the responsibility. The payoff makes all the hard work seem like nothing .Having a pet definitely improves my life,” Silver said.


Sometimes people get a pet, not realizing all the work soon follow. Then they are unsatisfied, having spent so much time and energy.  Now they no longer want their pet, but are stuck with it.“For whoever is getting a pet, make sure to be prepared. “Get used to giving up your free time. Please don’t rush into getting a pet,” Siegel said.


Elana Tinelli

Staff Writer