Take notes of these gym do’s, don’ts


Your “wcw” drives 10 minutes to get to her local gym. She runs on the treadmill for half an hour and then leaves. Your “mcm” does 20 reps of 10 dumbbell shrugs every day. You can’t tell where his traps end and his neck begins. If you’re trying to master the gym game, literally, be the opposite of these people. Disclaimer: If you don’t know gym jargon, have google nearby.

Use proper lifting techniques:
If you want to surpass other athletes, you have to think inside the box. Techniques are there to ensure safety and maximum results. Don’t just create a new lifting style because it’s easier. Please, don’t DIY. You don’t want to get your legs to a full 90 degree angle when squatting? Too bad. If you’re going to bend your legs to 120 degrees, you may as well be standing. Try to get the blood flowing a little. It’s good for you.

Try to minimize noise when lifting:
Even If you’re truly about the #gains movement, you don’t have to let everyone else in a 100 foot radius know it. Doing an overhead press is no excuse to be grunting like it’s the Australian Open, especially if you don’t add any plates on your bar. You may believe it’s intimidating. It’s not. It’s annoying. Also, don’t throw your weights down when you’re done with a rep. A nice drop is fine but you’re not trying to break the floor. Don’t try to prove anything. Be humble.

Wear actual workout clothes:
Despite popular opinion, the old men working out in khakis and jeans are not the most knowledgeable fitness gurus. If you see a young gym prodigy working out in something to the extent of overalls, help them. Guide them down the right path. Claiming that you’re above brand-names isn’t a power move. If you want to seem like a gym veteran, brand-names are the way to go. Everybody around you will be transferring to Planet Fitness because of the “gym-timidation” you’re providing.

Don’t focus on bulking one area of your body:
Skipping leg day is a worldwide issue that unfortunately, has not been addressed at the federal level. Muscle proportion is key. You don’t want to wake up one day with your legs to small to uphold your swole upper body. Trust me, I’ve been there. People who only work upper-body have been mocked for centuries. From people solely doing bench presses with dinosaur bones to doing tricep extensions with the gold from the California gold rush, it’s time to stop. Just tone your entire body.

Eat healthy:
A balanced diet is key. Carbo-load before you workout and replenish with protein afterwards. A personal favorite of mine is Whey Protein shakes. The great thing about Whey is that it can also be added to any meal. Personally, I think it goes great atop a nice slow-smoked salmon.


Chloe Perel

News Editor