ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Did late school start late doom schedule?


One of the changes MCPS made this year was to start after Labor Day weekend rather than on Aug. 31 and as a result of that, there are only two days allotted for snowdays. Therefore, since we had a day off due to weather on Feb. 7 an extra day is added to the end of the year.


Students argue that two days is a good number of allotted days off for several reasons. One being that in some classes teachers have a strict timeline of what they do exactly what day. For example,  here in newspaper, there is a 10 day cycle to ensure on time printing every two weeks.But this can apply in any other classes. “The day that we had a snow day made me really stressed because it backed everything up and we had to do twice as much the next day” junior Hayley Parsons said.


It is understandable that some classes have timelines but after weeks and weeks of piled up work, it is eems necessary to have a day off to relax and allow the students to take time to themselves.


Students who appreciate the day off use it to sleep or catch up on some work or to just take a break from the daily ongoing stress. “The days we have a snow days are so rewarding because school is just so stressful and it gives me an extra break,” sophomore Lainey Morris said.


Some students are so sleep deprived after hours of studying at night that they just sleep through the whole day blissfully. “I was up the night before till two am studying for a AP NSL semester test and when I found out we had the day off I slept for 13 hours that day and even studied more,” freshman Kelly Baldwin said.


Even some teachers agree that even though it does delay some lessons it gives them extra time to grade their stacks of quizzes and tests. “I was so behind on grading some tests and on the snow day I even got ahead, it was great” math teacher Suzanne Pykosh said.


Two days being allotted for snowdays just does not seem right. Students spend countless hours doing homework and studying just to keep their grades up and it’s nice to have another reward to that besides getting an A in the class. We have another snow day it will go to the end of the year and the real question is if anyone go to that. “If more days are added to the school year I won’t be there and I don’t really know why anyone would come later in the summer,” sophomore Dev Zoks said.


Olivia Kerben

Staff Writer