ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Senioritis hits, dropped classes a result


As second semester rolls along, seniors are getting a feel for where they want to go to college. Some seniors after getting into their top schools start to switch out of their harder classes and try to take a more relaxed schedule. Students who got deferred don’t necessarily have that option.


When seniors get “deferred” from a college, the school typically needs more time to reconsider their application and want to see a first semester transcript. “I got deferred from one of my top schools. Although it was a reach school I definitely wanted to get in. I had to work really hard so they could give my application a second look, because if you slack off after getting deferred, you’re not giving them any reason to accept you,” senior Taylor Weitz said.  “Unfortunately I knew that dropping my harder classes would probably not be a good idea because you have to notify the colleges.”


Some people choose to fix their second semester schedule to give themselves more free time. “When I got into the school I wanted to go to, I called admissions and made sure I could drop my math class. I wanted to drop my down a level because it was causing me way too much stress, and I’m into the top school I have on my list, there is no need to continue taking a vigorous math class.” senior Ranga Tan said.


Some seniors just don’t think the work is necessary “I switched down in math because I realized that I wasn’t taking the AP exam and if my colleges were okay with it I was to,” senior Ryan Warsaw said.


Some seniors are changing the number of classes they take second semester. “ I knew that I wanted to change my schedule from seven to four classes. I think that being a second semester senior means that you still have to work but not at the point as you were before. It’s supposed to be a more relaxed time in high school,” senior Simon Bloch said.


Depending on the school, seniors might not have to notify the school if changing classes. “At first I was worried about telling my top school that I was switching down to a lower level physics but they told me that it doesn’t matter if I’m switching to a lower level class as long as I am not switching around my schedule drastically,” senior Josh Messiette said.

Grant Saylor

Staff Writer