Leaders make presence known across community, set example for others


This school is looked at as being one of the best in the country and the state according to U.S News. One of the reasons is that everywhere people look, leaders can be found in the community. Whether it be in sports, academics or clubs, a handful of students lead by example in school. These leaders have certain qualities that make them successful.

When walking through the hallways students can find themselves looking at various awards for athletic and academic achievements, none as prestigious as the Hall of Fame award. The Hall of Fame award winners can be seen when someone walks in the front door across from the main office. Every year teachers select a student who continually works hard on every assignment and a person who embodies the “Patriot way.” For this senior class, Gabe Pollack was selected by his teachers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Pollack was surprised and humbled with the selection. “I was very happy to hear that I was selected. It is an honor,” Pollack said.

Pollack found that dedication and diligence are ways that he was able to lead by example. “I would say my dedication to my work and diligence to my assignments is a big reason why I was selected for this award,” Pollack said.

While this school prides itself on academics, athletics are still an integral part of the school‘s identity. Every successful team has leaders who other players can trust and respect. These leaders need to be persistent, determined and organized to be a respected part of the team. Junior Carli Mangum is considered a leader on the varsity girls’ lacrosse team because of her skill on the field and her ability to motivate her teammates. “I am a good leader on the field because I am able to utilize the strengths that everyone has and make us work as a unit,” Mangum said.

The school marching band is another allegory for the school as a whole: A group of hard working students, who work together to achieve their goals. The obvious leader for the marching band is the drum major. The drum major leads the music, like a conductor would for a regular band. The drum major acts like the captain of a sports team, they give pep talks, hype up the band and encourage all the members of the band to perform at the highest level.

Senior Luke Russell was selected as the drum major after his audition where he showed an understanding of the music and he is trusted with adhering to the band’s code of conduct. Russell credits his personality as a quality that he uses as the drum major. “It takes a certain personality, a good leader knows their personnel, their strengths and weaknesses. Good leaders are people who can motivate people to do things they don’t want to do or feel uncomfortable doing,” Russell said.

Of course students can’t talk about leadership without the teaching staff that allow this school to be successful. Teachers inspire students to lead by example by teaching students life lessons that can help them later in life.

One of these teachers that inspires students to become leaders is Spanish teacher Sonia Olchyk who credits the community as the reason that this school produces leaders. “We produce so many leaders because of the support that families show our students and from the administration who encourages students to be their best,” Olchyk said.


Ethan Reff

JV Sports Editor