News Briefs: January 17


New security team member-
With Barbara Kyros retiring, a new security guard replaced her. Harold Warren is the new security guard and is from Gaithersburg High School. He was transferred due to Kyros retiring.  His first day was on Jan. 8. He has experience in mentoring and guiding students and has done this at a different school. He is excited to be here and is welcomed by others.

New calendar gives one more snow day-
The current calendar gives the school fewer days to work throughout the school year. The late start to the school year gives the county only two snow days. After two snow days, the day will be made up. According to the MCPS website, the days would be made up after the last day but could be made up on Jan. 25, Mar. 26, Mar. 27, Jun. 14, and Jun. 15 of this year. This mean that the county can afford one more snow day before adding more school days to the current school year. If the county were to close school, the day would not be made up if the state declares it as an emergency.

How the county decides if school is closed-
Montgomery County has a system on whether school will be open on time, a delayed opening or closed. According to WTOP, the process starts as early as 3 a.m. as the county checks the weather for the first time. Around 4:15 a.m., a call is made to the chief operating officer and a  recommendation is sent to the superintendent. By 5 a.m., the decision is made and the information is shared with the MCPS website, social media, and the news. If school is open and the weather is supposed to get worse, the county has to have an early dismissal decision by 11 a.m.

– Eric Lee, staff writer