Get a job, endless openings available nearby


If you are a junior or senior, you might have either given some serious thought about or have already gotten a job. Your parents might also have told you time after time to get a job. Whether you chose to get one or you were forced to, students here have all sorts of jobs ranging from working in the restaurant business to being a lifeguard for a pool. Here is a list of the most popular jobs students here have.

Host/waiter/waitress- The restaurant industry is a popular business to join.  It is an industry where high schoolers go after school and work as a waiter or working the computer system taking orders.  How much money is made though depends on whether the job includes tips.   “Working in a restaurant is the best job for a high schooler. You make a lot of money and sometimes you get to serve your friends which is pretty fun,” senior Jason Eisen said.

Lifeguard–  There are plenty of public pools around hee, and in those  are usually high schoolers running the stands, working as a lifeguard. People here love to be lifeguards because they love to be around the pool, so they get a job at a place they love. It’s the perfect job for some people. “Being a lifeguard is amazing.  I love the fact that I get paid to work at a pool because I go to the pool all the time,” senior Nick Siegel said.

Gym-Another popular place where high schoolers work is at a gym or a community center. A benefit of working at a community center is that you usually receive free access to the gym or other things that people pay to receive access for.  Working at a gym usually means that people make minimum wage.  “I work at a gym near my house, which is awesome because I get free access to the gym and other things which I take advantage of,” senior Justin Slud said.

Grocery store- People work at a grocery store because it isn’t that hard of a job. If you have ever been to a grocery store, you know that all the people really do is bag the food. People find out that working at grocery stores is an easy job and pays pretty well.  Because no tips are collected at this job, it means that the people who are working are making minimum wage, just like working at a gym or working as a lifeguard.


Drew Shrager

Staff Writer