Crazed hallways leave students outraged

This one is for you slow walkers, hallway stoppers and classroom blockers. I am hoping that this article will teach you to follow the proper hallway etiquette in the school and not add to the daily problematic hallway scenes.

Slow Walkers: Please do not make the excuse that you have short legs, and cannot move any faster. I am five feet tall (about) and have very short legs and can still move faster than you. When walking from a class such as anatomy to another class on the opposite side of the school such as Spanish, it is almost impossible to make it there when stuck behind a slow walker. You try to find the balance between patiently hoping the person in front of you will take the next turn and making the fast step to walk around them. Ultimately, nobody should be walking at a one mile per hour pace, and if you are please hug the lockers so people can easily get around you. It is “very frustrating when I have to walk behind a slow walker, especially when I am in a rush to get to my next class,” senior Nisha Ramamurthy.

Hallway Stoppers: Please tell me why it makes sense to congregate in the middle of the hallways and be pushed on both sides by people desperately trying to get to their next class. First of all, you will not be able to hear what your friends are saying because of the numerous side conversations happening all around you. Second, you are creating a hazard for people around you. It is always important to be aware of your surroundings and not be in the way of other people.

Five minutes seems like a lot of time to get from class to class, but when you are maneuvering your way through the hallway to avoid those people who block more than half of it, the time crunch becomes a huge problem. The hallways are narrow enough as it is. Please don’t be that person (or group of people) who makes it worse. There is nothing “worse than walking to your next class and having to find ways to avoid the cluster of people in the middle of the hallway,” senior Zack Lechner said.

Classroom/Entrance/Exit Blockers: These people are similar to the hallway stoppers, but instead of stopping in the middle of the hallway, these people feel the need to stop in front of classrooms, stairwells and any other place you find yourself trying to enter or exit. Again these people cause commotion in the hallways because they are blocking ways for people to disperse throughout the school and instead form clumps of people trying to move.

How am I supposed to enter my classroom when I am supposed to push my way through five people standing right outside of it. It is OK to talk with your friends, but please, I beg of you, gather somewhere off to the side so you are not blocking people trying to use the stairs or walk into their classroom. “Hopefully this will help solve the hallway problems in the school,” Lechner said.


Rachel Berman

Staff Writer