JV Girls Basketball: Girls tested early in season


The Patriots finished off their scrimmages in the preseason against the Damascus Hornets. With a close first quarter, and the Patriots only having three subs, they still came away winning their final scrimmage.

With only two practices before the first game of the regular season, the Patriots worked as hard as they could. The first game was played on Dec. 5 against the Magruder Colonials, at Magruder. This game was a JV double header, with the JV boys playing before the girls, at the same location. The Patriots lost this game 32-29.

Throughout the first, second and third quarters, the Patriots were in front of the Colonials. But, when the fourth quarter came around, the Patriots just could not keep their lead. With issues in their fundamentals, missed shots and bad ball handling, the Patriots lead slipped away from them. This was not a good way to start off the season, but from here, the Patriots are hopeful of improving.

“We started off strong and it was a good game, but we still have a lot of practicing to do in order to win our games in the future,” freshman Gabi Giro said.

After the game against the Colonials, Patriots coach Ozzy Smith told his team that they would not have practice the next day, due to him having a meeting dealing with his job. The next morning, varsity coach Maggie Dyer told the JV players that they could come to varsity practice for the first hour that day to work on the basic fundamentals, which kept the Patriots away from winning their opening game. Only one player had brought their practice wear, and two others were thinking about coming to varsity practice, but only one player showed up for the first hour of practice.

With only one practice before their next game, the Patriots worked hard all throughout this practice, learning new skills, and working on the old.

On Dec. 8, the Patriots battled against the Poolesville Falcons at home. Coming into this game, the Patriots knew that they were going to be put through a tough test. While they knew they were outmatched, they were not afraid of the challenge. Their thinking was right, as the Falcons came away winning the game, blowing out the Patriots.

“Even though we were warned that Poolesville was going to be a tough game, everyone had strong moments on offense and defense. As a team we still have a long way to go,” sophomore Kelly Tang said.

Nowhere in the game did anyone on the Patriots squad give up, as each player kept playing as hard as they could, despite the score throughout the entirety of the game. Smith was not happy to lose the game, but he was pleased with his players’ attitudes, which is something that can propel the Patriots to the next level.

“I think we played really hard and our effort was great but it just wasn’t enough to beat Poolesville because they’re a very skilled team,” freshman Maya Erd said.

After this game the Patriots had five practices before their next game. All players worked their hardest throughout these practices in order to make themselves, and their teammates better players. It may not be fun to wake up early and come to school on a Saturday morning for practice, but it will pay off in the following games. Putting in the effort on weekends can help the team become great so if these Patriots want to take that next big step, they will have to put in the work.

Both of their games against Churchill on Dec. 15, and Sherwood on Dec. 18, were too late to be included in this issue. They are hoping for a good crowd. Patriots on Dec. 20, when they play against Blake at home.


Jill Geline

Senior Sports Editor