Chills, thrills found in Rockville


The weather is getting chillier, the puffy coats are selling fast and the windshields are frosting over. As the seasons are changing, more activities are available to suit the cold weather. Local businesses get festive and some start up temporarily, specializing in upcoming holidays and utilizing the season.

One of the most common winter activities is ice skating. Not only is it fun, but there is only part of the year where it can be done outside. The ice-rink in Rockville Town Center is a great place to skate. It is now open and can be a fun activity with friends and family. They also offer ice-skating lessons ranging from children to adults.

Pretty soon, snowflakes will fall from the sky covering the grass and streets with snow. With this comes many activities. There’s the typical snow angel and the classic snowball fight, but one of the most common is building a snowman.

Sophomore Julia Pucci loves the winter time and building snowmen. “Every winter I go to a friend’s house when it snows so we can build snowmen. Building snowmen is my favorite part of winter, besides snow days,” Pucci said.

As the days get colder, the drinks are getting hotter. Having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is common during the winter time.
Junior Grace Youngstrom is also a sucker for snowy days. “I love when I can stay home with my friends when it’s snowing, watching movies all day and drinking hot chocolate,” Youngstrom said.

There are also more places to go to take advantage of the snow. Another fun activity to do in the winter is snowboarding. This activity is popular and is a thrill to do. “Snowboarding is my favorite thing to do in the winter,” junior Chloe Nguyen said.

Snow is a key factor for having a great winter. Sledding is always an option when it snows, and is popular with everyone. People in this community have found the best spots for sledding. The hill at Frost is always used for sledding. Its hill is steep and thrilling.
Not only are there more things to do in winter, but there are more festive foods. Local restaurants tend to bring out their holiday spirit with creative additions to their menu. The restaurant Chick-fil-A has come out with a peppermint milkshake for the season.
Starbucks has also brought out new menu items. These include toasted white chocolate mocha, chestnut praline chai tea latte, caramel brulée latte, peppermint mocha, eggnog latte, holiday spice flat white and gingerbread latte.

Festive clothing shopping is definitely a popular activity to do during winter. There are ugly holiday sweaters, festive fuzzy pants, slippers and more.

Target is one store that has all of these and much more. They have a wide selection of holiday apparel for a reasonable price, and so do other stores, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom and Walmart. These stores are also places to use for holiday gifts and to get in the holiday spirit.


Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor