Artsy club inspires students


With tests and assignments distributed every week, students are bound to feel stressed. At times when workloads prove overwhelming, it is imperative for students to find an outlet for their stress. The club Art with a Heart has just the right platform to do so.

Art with a Heart was formed in the beginning of last year by junior Hannah Ho. Her goal was to “gather people with a similar interest in art and use that passion to help better the community and make people happier.”

The club is excited to hold their first art competition. Each competition will feature a prompt that students must follow in order to win. This year, the prompt is “What would your ideal world be?” The deadline for submissions is Dec. 22.

Ho composed the prompt with junior and junior Cindy Huang. They wanted a prompt that grants students the freedom to express themselves and showcase their imagination while also challenging them. The prompt gives students a chance to reflect on what changes they want for their society and convey those thoughts through painting or drawing.

Anna Brover, a junior entering in the competition, said that although the prompt is “really open-ended… the positives of [the prompt] are that you have a lot of options as to what you want to do for the competition.”

Once an artist submits their piece, their artwork will be judged anonymously by the school’s art teachers along with the rest of the submissions. A submitter does not have to be in the club to enter. First place winner receives $100, second place $50, and third place $25.

Since their formation in 2016, the club has attracted over 20 members who meet every Tuesday in room 186 to generate art to donate to various organizations. Last year, they made over 200 cards for the Children’s Hospital. They also spent a semester constructing a mural that can be seen hanging in the Commons.

The club members enjoy spending time in an environment where students can utilize their artistic capabilities in ways that better their community. It is a safe space where people hold no judgment toward anyone’s artistic skillset. “Everyone [in the club] is really friendly. It’s relaxing, fun, and creative,” Huang said.

Art with a Heart is still accepting members and welcomes individuals with a passion for art. The club promotes a laid back environment that encourages people with any artistic ability to engage in their meetings. The club hopes to draw in new members who will inspire others to enter the competitions and bring forth new ways to improve their society creatively.

Next Tuesday, the club hopes students will stop by the ceramics room to settle stress by creating art that will directly lift the spirits of those who need it most.


Kristina Tsakos

Staff Writer