New media specialist excited to work with high schoolers


One of the newest members to the staff is library media specialist Tammie Burk.

Burk previously worked as a media specialist at Col. E. Brooke Lee Middle School in Silver Spring. Burk has been a media specialist for 20 years, mostly working with middle school students. “I love what I do,” Burk said.

She switched over to high school because she wanted to see what the older students lives looked like. “I really enjoy the independence that the older students possess, and it is a new and exciting experience for me. They are driven and focused and I learn a lot from my student aides about the school,” Burk said.

Being a media specialist takes hard work and dedication, but Burk is always ready. “The one problem that I have with this job is that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, I always feel that there is more I can do. It is hard squeezing it all in,” Burk said.

One common misconception that people have about the library is that it is supposed to be quiet. “There is no such thing as quiet in the Media Center. In fact, that is not the type environment that I am looking for,” Burk said.

People like Burk don’t want the quiet, they want to see the students learning and having fun. “I am looking for a place conducive to learning. I love all the activity that takes place in the Media Center: students working, learning, typing and hanging out. My goal is to make it inviting and working for all and I think the staff is doing a good job with that.”

Students can sometimes be oblivious to all the work and effort that the media specialist puts in to make the Media Center a fun place. However, those who spend their time there appreciate her work. “I think that she is making the library a better place for students to hang out,” junior Andre Khoury said.

The library is one of the top hangout spots during lunch. “I spend almost every lunch in the library, and without all the work that the media specialists do, it would be pure chaos all of the time. I respect all that they do,” junior Dennis Moore said.
Overall, Burk is loving her new job at this school. “I love my job, and I can’t wait to keep improving the library at this school,” she said.


Adam Friedman

Staff Writer