Junior helps students with fashion with Instagram account @looksbycng


Have you ever asked yourself “what should I wear today?” If so, you might want to ask junior fashion expert Caroline Gatswirth.
Gatswirth has recently created her own fashion instagram page called, “looksbycng”. She posts pictures of outfit ideas that she designed herself and gives a description of what the type of clothes are and where she bought them. Her account currently has over 200 followers with many of them being students here. She hopes the account continues to grow on this fast pace.

The page was created for one main reason, to help others with style tips, “People have always asked me for fashion advice and I love to put together outfits that make people feel great about themselves,” Gatswirth said.

Not only does she do it for her own interest, but she as a way to help others. “I created the page also for myself, I like to show what styles I’m wearing and what’s in and what’s not,” she said.

Her friends are beginning to take notice of the page.”I really like her new instagram, it’s cool to see how she creates her outfits, It also nice because she explains where she gets the clothes.” junior Allie Compton said. “She also makes it easy and tags the exact outfit in the post so you know where to get it.”

The idea to help others came from her role models. “My inspiration is my mom whose job is to help people start and grow their businesses. Joan Rivers also served as a fashion icon my whole life,” Gatswirth said.

Some of the teachers are beginning to notice.”I think it is really cool that she is doing that, it shows creativity as well as confidence,” English Teacher Catherine Boswell said.

One of her goals with this page is to make sure the outfits are worth the price.”My love of fashion has also become combined with my eagerness to find the best deal in order to continue providing original outfits at a good price, and prove to people you can dress well at a low price,” Gatswirth said.

She hopes to make the purchasing process a lot easier as her clothes are the best deals for the nicest clothes she can find.
Gatswirth hopes to pursue a future in fashion.”I am interviewing for internships now for this summer. In the future I would like to live in Manhattan and work for Bloomingdales as a marketing agent.” she said.


Grant Saylor

Staff Writer