Senior skip days stir up controversy


It sounds nice: a day off from school, not having to do any work, and the most important one, being able to sleep past seven a.m. These are the perks of having senior skip day, but is missing a day of school really worth it?

On Nov. 1, many seniors were planning on skipping school to make it the first senior skip day of the year. Rumors had been passed around about this event, and excitement had built up. That was until the teachers and administration found out.

Due to the lack of planning, senior skip day was ultimately a bust. Students had thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to have senior skip day the day after Halloween for a few reasons. First, seniors could skip a day of school and gain some much need rest. Second, some people may have wanted to relive their youth and go trick or treating. And third, it was a way for some students to miss the tests that were being given on that day. As you can imagine, teachers and administration were not particularly pleased about the last reason. “It was too early in the year, not enough planning involved and all the skip days floated around the lack of consensus and there was no real ‘skip day’,” senior Trent Folk said.

As Nov. 1 approached, the speculation about the skip day increased. The students had mixed views of whether or not they should be missing this school day. Personally, I knew that I could not skip due to the fact that I had two tests on that day. Unfortunately, even though I wanted to catch up on much needed sleep, I knew that by missing these two tests I would be setting myself up for a disaster. The problem is that when you skip school, even if you are sick and need to, it is hard to try to find time to make up all the work you have missed, and you become more stressed than you already were. It is “very stressful to make up the work you have missed, and sometimes not even worth it to miss school,” senior Nisha Ramamurthy said.

Teachers have specific testing days that they are allowed to administer tests so depending on everyone’s schedules you could have anywhere from one to four tests in a day. So, the teachers started to hear the rumors about senior skip day as well, and were not pleased. Some teachers even said that if people were to skip their class that day, there would not be an opportunity for these students to retake this test. “I always get so stressed out when I miss school because I have so much to make up,” senior Ashley Pitt said.

So while this senior skip day did not end up working, a somewhat successful one was held on Nov. 10. I hope that there will be more to come in the future, so I can catch up on my sleep.


Rachel Berman

Staff Writer