Switching schools for athletics beneficial to students


A small number of students have switched schools to excel in sports and pursue a spot on a college team. If a student wants to play a sport in college some believe it is necessary to transfer to a school that will guide them toward their goals. The need to transfer comes from the little exposure to college coaches that public high school coached might have. Depending on the sport one might play, transferring to the top school for the sport is their best option.

There are pros and cons to switching schools for a sport, but the pros outway the cons. If one transfers to a new school, they may leave all their friends they have grown up with. They have to adapt to a new school system and their new classmates. It is hard to disregard what you had done in your previous school and turn over a new leaf and begin at the new school. Greenberg is transferring schools this year to Bullis after completing the first quarter here, “I’m sad that I am leaving all of my best friends that I have grown up with. But it’s honestly for the best because I will have the best opportunity to play lacrosse in college,” junior Adam Greenberg said.

However, some people are opposed to the idea. “It’s unnecessary to transfer this late in your high school career. In my opinion you have a better chance on a travel or club sports team to play in college,” junior Carli Mangum said.

Transferring schools comes with a lot of benefits. An athlete has a better opportunity to play in college. The better a school may be at the sport, the more exposure you will have to college coaches and teams. Being on a good team brings attention from colleges and helps with the college recruitment process. Also, one gets to play with better teammates and an overall better team. Being able to play with a better team will help improve one’s abilities in the sport they transferred for. In the recruitment process, “Exposing yourself to colleges is the most important part. Transferring to a top school for lacrosse will help me improve my overall game and give me more opportunities to play at the next level,” junior Bullis lacrosse player Matt Kelly said.

When an athlete is debating whether to transfer to a new school for a sport, they also have to take into account academics. If a school excels in the sport one might pursue and academics, there is no doubt they should transfer. Overall, if one transfers to a new school for a sport it will benefit them in trying to play in college.


Aaron Strauss

Staff Writer