News Briefs- Oct 21


Clinton taking lead over Trump
After the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place, the polls showed Clinton’s lead jumping to a double-digit margin. Clinton is now projected to receive 46 percent of the total vote, while Trump is projected to receive 35 percent, with the rest of the votes going to third party candidates. A main reason for Clinton’s lead growing so rapidly is the video taken of Trump making inappropriate remarks. A recorded tape came out showing the sexually aggressive comments Trump made about women in 2005, according to The second debate that took place on Oct. 10 had interesting and memorable moments. Throughout the debate, the audience asked questions that the candidates attempted to answer, but each was constantly interrupted by the other. Some highlights of the debate include Trump claiming he was a gentleman, which many would contest as well as Trump saying that if he becomes president he will do his best to put Clinton in jail.

Montgomery County urging voters to vote early
The Montgomery County Board of Elections is currently preparing for the largest recorded voter turnout for the presidential election, according to Election officials are hoping residents will use early voting centers so the lines at the polls won’t be as long. “We have almost 700,000 registered voters in Montgomery County. Early voting is essential to keep Election Day moving smooth. So we are hoping there is a big turnout for early voting so that the lines and whatever stress we have on Election Day is modified to say the least,” James Shalleck, president of the Board of Elections said. Some of the early voting centers are located in Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, according to Voters can vote early from Oct. 27 to Nov.3 at any of the early voting sites.

Thousands affected by recent hurricane
Hurricane Matthew caused major damage across states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. The hurricane has officially caused 21 deaths so far and it’s likely that number will increase. North Carolina has reported 11 deaths, Florida has reported four and South Carolina and Georgia have each recorded three, according to In Lumberton, North Carolina rescuers were trying to save around 1,500 people who were stranded, according to The hurricane has also caused massive power outages, and about 500,000 structures in North Carolina don’t have power, according to “That’s probably well over one million people without power. That’s 10 percent of our population in North Carolina all in a very small area. At least 10%,” North Carolina Governor Pat McCory said.
Haiti was also affected by Hurricane Matthew and as a result led to homes and buildings being destroyed as well as people being infected with. Pierre Garcon and Ricky Jean-Francois, two Washington Redskins football players took a day trip where they helped delivered supplies to people in Haiti, according to “We have easy access to the medical supplies in our training room. These people are dying here. For us to provide the medical supplies and keep someone alive, just giving them IVs, that’s a life-changing thing where we can help. It’s very small, and we take for granted having an IV, but after dealing with a hurricane and dealing with not having those basic needs, it will keep a lot of people alive,” Garcon said.

– Radley Ellenbogen, staff writer