Portables bring different vibes towards students


When you get your schedule on the first day of school, your eyes are immediately become drawn to the period, teachers, and classes you have, but also the room number of these classes. On some, it may say PRT with a number following. This means one or more of your classes, take place in the portables. But, do not go straight to the cons of the portables because there are also some pros to this.


Pro: One of the best parts about being in a portable is that the portables have their own temperature regulation unit. That means the portables can each set their own temperature without having to follow the control temperature within the school. After the short walk to the portables, you are either greeted with a blast of cold or warm air depending on the season. This can be especially nice when the air conditioning randomly breaks down in the school, or when the school decides not to turn on the hot air until after it begins to snow. The portables are able to quickly adjust to whatever best suits the needs of the teacher and students. “[It’s is great] to walk into the classroom, in the winter, and actually have it be warm instead of freezing like it is in the school,” senior Ashley Pitt said.


Pro: Another pro is the ability to have a nice walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. On days where the weather is just right, it is nice to take a break from being in the crowded hallways and be in the open air. While the walk may only be for a short period of time, you can stop and admire the environment around you. The hallways are filled with students in a rush to get to their next class, but when walking to the portables, there are multiple routes you can take allowing you to avoid the cramped hallways, and have some peaceful time to yourself. Also, who does not love the extra exercise. “Walking outside to class is a nice way to avoid hallway traffic,” senior Jenna Traub said.


Con: The walk can also be a brutal and unbearable one during certain days of the school year. The days when it is extremely hot or cold, pouring rain, or snowing, are the types of days I mean. While most of the time the walk to the portables is short, on days like these it can feel like an eternity. It is not the best feeling to come in to your next class soaking wet and then have to sit in those wet clothes for the next 45 minutes. When “it snows during the winter, the walk was horrible and I always dreaded it,” junior Abby Feitel said.


Con: Another con to being in the portables is that depending on where your previous class is, it may take longer to walk there. For someone, for example, who has anatomy front left corner of the school to go all the way to the portables afterwards it may take them awhile to walk there. It is challenging in situations like those to make sure that you are leaving your classes on time in order to make it to your next class. This could also mean that you would not have time to speak with friends in the hallway in between classes, which is the main reason we even come to school, right?


Rachel Berman

Staff Writer