Dressing to impress, students go all out for Halloween


Halloweekend: the one weekend of the year where anyone can dress as whatever they desire without receiving judgement.
On the Friday night of Halloweekend, students were encouraged to dress up for the football game and there was a wide array of different costumes. Students also went out to various Halloween gatherings throughout the weekend. As most students dressed similarly such as angels and devils, famous athletes, lifeguards and school girls, others took their costumes to the next level.
Simon Bloch as “Crooked” Hillary Clinton: Senior Simon Bloch showed up to the football game wearing a unique costume. Mocking the allegations of her email scandal, he wore a bright orange jump suit with a Hillary Clinton mask and handcuffs. “Although the costume was expensive, it was totally worth it. I loved it and I know that everyone else did too,” Bloch said.

Alex Hodes as Rocky: In honor of his favorite movie Rocky, senior Alex Hodes dressed in a Rocky Balboa boxer suit to the football game. The suit was all nude to represent Rocky’s body, and had red white and blue boxers attached that said ‘Rocky’ across the top. As for accessories, Hodes wore boxing gloves and an American flag headband. “I was really proud of my costume this year because it was extremely different to what everyone else was wearing and I love the movie,” Hodes said.

Ben Burger as a burger: Senior Ben Burger lived by his last name and wore a full body hamburger costume. Not only was it hilarious, it was extremely fitting toward his name and unique. “I loved my costume and I’m so glad I wore it. I know that I’ll definitely be wearing it in the future,” Burger said.

Mollie Greenberg, Abby Feitel and Jessi Trzeciak as skeletons: Juniors Greenberg, Feitel and Trzeciak took the basic skeleton costume and went above and beyond to make it truly extravagant. They cut up a black shirt with horizontal holes in the middle and had on a white top underneath to look like bones. They also wore bone accessories across their arms and shins, and topped off their costume with white colored contacts. “The final result of our costume was a success, although the contacts were painful, I’m glad we wore them because they looked awesome with the rest of the costume,” Feitel said.

Jacob Kravitz in a chicken onesie: Rather than getting all dressed up, freshman Jacob Kravitz threw on his comfortable chicken pajamas and called it a night. “I really enjoyed wearing this costume not only because it was funny, but I was extremely comfortable throughout the night,” Kravitz said.

Halloween was a success as students came out of their shell and wore all types of crazy costumes. Although the spookiest day of the year has come to an end, now is the time to start planning the best costume yet for next year.


Jordyn Taylor

Senior Features Editor