Intense application for student applying to military schools


As the season of college applications looms, more and more colleges are being applied through the Common Application and Coalition Application. But some colleges do not use it, especially some whose applications are more rigorous.

The college application for senior Young Kim is different as he is applying to three military academies: Air Force, Army, and Navy. All three of the high expectation schools have difficult processes. “I had to convince my parents to even let me start the process, they didn’t want me to go through the long process for no reason. I had to convince them to let me play a sport to get my required varsity letter,” Kim said.

The academies are focused on high academic skills, but also focus on excelling in athletics. Kim began playing football this year and made varsity his first year. “I could have probably got a varsity letter running cross country, but I have always wanted to play football and I decided its senior year so why not,” Kim said.

His hard-working mentality is shown during his practices every day. “Young is probably one of the hardest working players we have on the team, when I call his name he sprints to me immediately and I can tell with his work ethic, he will be successful in the future, “ Coach Chris Papadopoulos said.

Kim may have to make a tough choice. “If I get into all of them and have to choose, it would be tough between West Point [Army] and the Naval Academy, I think I would have to choose the Navy because it is so close to home. I also like the opportunities they receive after college,” he said.


Grant Saylor

Staff Writer