Announcements need to be changed


Every morning at 8:30 the announcements appear on the screens of TV’s and Promethean boards all around the school. The annoucements serve the purpose of connecting students to current events going on in and outside of school, they send messages to the student body when the school or country is going through hard times and sometimes they give a good laugh.

The morning announcements are given an element of humor by the students who help with production. Although the announcements have mostly positive benefits, they are also aggravating and repetitive. Students are tired of seeing the same broadcast every morning and want change.

Dating back to last school year, the morning announcements have shown a PSA for traffic safety. This same PSA has been on the announcements almost every morning and the time has come that either a new video needs to be made or that same video needs to be removed from the morning announcements.

Students like senior Max Museles are exhausted by the traffic safety PSA and feel like it is time that it be replaced by something new. “I feel like they have shown that same video a million times and at first I enjoyed it but now every time it comes on my head starts to hurt. A little spice would definitely be nice,” Museles said.

One of the positive aspects of the announcements is the music that is played through the PA every morning. The music helps students start their day off right by listening to some nice tunes.The selection of music is popular among the student body because it is music that lots of students listen to and the song choice changes mostly every day. Students like sophomore Alexa Kantor enjoy the music played on the announcements and hope that the favorable selections of music continue. “The music in the morning always helps me start off my day right and I can relieve stress by listening to it,” Kantor said.

A class is in charge of the production of the morning announcements and takes place during first period. The teacher who is in charge of the announcements group is Kenny Jacobs. The class is known for having a lot of fun and not being too difficult. It is a great way to give students a break from difficult school work and push them in other ways. Junior Alec Yassin is a member of the announcements and enjoys how it pushes him to be a better student. “All my peers push me to better and do a better job on the announcements. I’ve never been challenged this way academically but this class has helped me overcome fears of mine,” Yassin said.

Justin Fishman

Opinion Editor