Football, still fun or are people done?


All over the country, high school football has been a tradition for decades.  Every Friday night, school communities come together with spirit and pride to cheer on their team.  However, due to research about the health concerns of playing football, there is a chance that one day in the future high school football could no longer exist.

In recent years more light has been shined on the issue of the dangers of football.  In the past, football was always simply known as a tough sport, and people did not have a problem with the hard hitting, but new research from an article in The New York Times has shown that playing football could raise a person’s chance of brain damage later in life.

This startling new research has caused some parents to become more reluctant to let their kids play football at the high school level.  According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, high school football enrollment is down 4.5 percent over the last decade.The football team here has been also been affected by new research.  “We have declined, we usually have a roster of about 60-65, but recently we have had closer to 40 to 45.  I believe that it’s partially due to parents now wanting their kids to get hurt, but I think a lot of it is misinformation,” head football coach Eddie Tolliver said.

Even though the argument can be made that football is a dying sport, there is also evidence against that claim.  According to CNS news over one million students still play high school football, and millions more watch it every week.  Despite the injury risk playing football, having a football team still has positive qualities.

High school football has been known to bring communities together.  After a long week, parents and students can come together with a common goal of rooting for their team to get a win.  “Football is great because it is very exciting and it gets the most fan support, and everyone from the school comes and it gets people hyped up,” junior Alec Yassin said.

Although research shows that football can be a dangerous sport, technology has been created as a response.  “Football is a really great sport, and there are better helmets that protect people’s heads from bad injuries.

Overall, the Positives of football outweigh the negatives,” junior Niko Jones said.For some people football may be more than just a sport.  Playing football and being on a team is a great mental support, and provides athletes with people to lean on in difficult situations.  “Football brings people together with the players and the coaches, and it creates a brotherhood,” Yassin said.

Football also has financial benefits for the school.  “Since so many people come to the games, we raise a lot of money for the school,” Yassin said. Football players are aware that there is a risk to their sport, but they are still loyal to the game they love.  “You can get hurt in football, but you can get hurt in any sport.  I think football will always be a great sport that people will want to play,” junior Nick Baldwin said.


Jake Klugerman

Profiles Editor