Pucciarelli promoted to head of security


Whether he is pulling kids out of class or helping them with their problems, newly announced head of security Chris Pucciarelli is always on the job. After former head of security Greg Melvin retired last year, Pucciarelli was made the head of security, and he has some changes he wants to make to the way security does their job here.

Pucciarelli began his career as security at this school back in 2000. After working for three years at this school he left to go work security at Churchill. “I left Wootton for Churchill because I went there for high school and I wanted to give back to my community,” Pucciarelli said.

Ten years later, Pucciarelli realized his mistake. Pucciarelli believes that Wootton is better than Churchill because he finds a more easy setting in the community here. He came back to rejoin the security team. “I came back because Wootton is the number one school in the county, and it’s just overall the best. Much better than Churchill,” Pucciarelli said.

Compared to his job at Churchill, Pucciarelli enjoys his current position much more. In the past, the security team would either pull students out of class, find them in the hallway and get them in trouble for doing things that are not allowed. Pucciarelli has plans that he would like to implement into his job that will change this past trend. “I would like the security team to have a built relationship with the staff and students that allows the kids feel welcome,” Pucciarelli said.

By doing this, students will feel comfortable around the security guards and not be afraid to interact with them. “We want the kids to know that they should be comfortable with telling us their concerns and need,” Pucciarelli said.

Pucciarelli plans to implement these ideas by still being vigilant and dealing with the students who need to be dealt with, but also by being present able to work with them as well. “I think that people forget that even though what we do is just a job, we need to be here for the kids,” Pucciarelli said.

Pucciarelli wants everyone to know that he is not as loud as he may seem. “I might be loud in the hallways, but I really am just a quiet guy,” Pucciarelli said.


Adam Friedman

Staff Writer