Ultimate Frisbee Club increasing in popularity among students


The score is all tied up. A minute is left on the clock as junior president Michael He makes his final run down the field. He is going for the win.
Sweat pours down his face as he hustles to get open for a pass. He looks up at the disc sailing above him as he struggles to shake off the defender guarding him as he turns on the jets. He gives everything he has left in his tank and leaps out to grab the Frisbee in front of him. Time seems to slow down as he keeps his eye on the disc as he falls to the ground. As He hits the dirt, he raises his hand up with the Frisbee.
He stands up and looks down the field as his team rushes at him, screaming and flailing their arms like mad men. He has just won the game for his team.
This is what it feels like to be the president of the Ultimate Frisbee Club.
A club that has increased in popularity since its creation, Ultimate Frisbee Club is underway at the school and has already got quite a few people interested. With 98 people who signed up as potential members, Ultimate Frisbee Club is a club to be reckoned with. Every Friday after school, members from any grade gather at the field space between Frost and Wootton to play a friendly competition. “Ultimate Frisbee is an amazing sport that is not very popular here in Wootton. My goal is to get as many people as possible to experience the same rush and joy that I feel when I play the game,” He said.
He said that his main goal was to expose people to this unique sport and get more people participating who may have not heard of ultimate Frisbee. By the end of the year, He hopes to get members signed up for the Maryland State Youth tournament in May. This will be a new tournament introduced to the club and as He said, “This tournament will allow our more committed members to really show off their talents and be more competitive. I thinks it is an experience that is going to show us how Wootton stacks up against other Frisbee teams.”
The school sponsor for Ultimate Frisbee club is Gym teacher Paul Kirk. Kirk had three main reasons for why he decided to sponsor the sport. Kirk said, “I love the sport. It is a fun game and a great way to get out and be active. The club is only as strong as the students, however. I am only here to facilitate it.”
A new addition to Ultimate Frisbee Club has been their decision to make customizable shirts for the spring season. While the design and logo have yet to be decided, the founders of the club are currently working to ensure that this will happen. Junior Secretary Jonah Dross said, “Shirts are a great way to get the word around about Frisbee Club and let our members proudly display their love for the sport.


Matthew Lind

Staff Writer