Out with old, in with new; turnover of newspaper leadership


As the school year comes to a close, the new editorial staff takes on their new positions on the Common Sense newspaper.
Earlier in the year, the members of the newspaper applied for their desired positions. Before the seniors leave, they pass down their wisdom and help the newcomers edit their first pages. A refresher course on how to use the programs is useful to first time editors.
The first position on the newspaper is being a staff writer. Staff writers are responsible for writing an article for every issue of the paper. Once a writer becomes an editor, they are responsible for designing one page of the newspaper in addition to writing an article. The first time going at it can be overwhelming, but experienced staff members are available to help the beginners.
Sophomore Hannah Ho is a new back page editor for Common Sense and helped make the back page of the previous issue. She thought the page was a success and thought the experience was helpful for her future on the paper. “Being the back page editor has been really fun so far. I had to refresh myself with the Photoshop and InDesign programs learned last semester, but I got the hang of it better than I expected and thought the senior’s back page turned out really well at the end, especially with that being the first issue,” Ho said.
Not only is hard dedication and work needed to be a great editor, but there is a sense of accomplishment one feels when their work is published. Freshman Emily Eichberg is a new Commons editor and looks forward to her future on the newspaper. “I’m excited to see my work in the paper,” Eichberg said.
In addition to the staff writers becoming first time editors, previous editors started their new higher ranking positions as well. Managing editors are the people in charge of a whole section of the paper, and edit the pages created for the issue. They also make sure that each page is visually appealing compared to the rest. Junior Matthew Klein is the new front page managing editor of the paper and is grateful for his position on the editorial staff. “So far things have gone smoothly and I am glad to help up and coming journalists,” Klein said.
Each editor has a different vision for what they would like their page to look like. The information presented must be visually appealing so that the readers will be drawn to the page. Sophomore Crystal Bridge reads the paper each time it comes out and thinks that so far, the new staff is a great team. “In my opinion, the last issue of the paper looked really good, and I think the new editors did a nice job creating their first pages,” Bridge said.
Each member of Common Sense is a part of the newspaper team. Different roles may be bigger than others, but at the end, all of the hard work and dedication pays off when readers enjoy the paper you currently hold in your hands.

Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor