Elections take school in new direction


Student Government Association (SGA) and class officer elections took place on April 26. Students in grades nine, 10 and 11 went to their homerooms to watch speeches given by their peers on the TVs about why they were the best candidate.
After watching the speeches, homeroom teachers passed out ballots. The part of the ballots that were different per grade were the class officers, because each grade only votes for their grade’s class officers. All three grades vote for the SGA representatives. Once these ballots were filled out, current SGA member came around to pick up the ballots from each homeroom.
Before school on May 2, the election results were revealed over the PA system. The results are the following:
For the Class of 2020: Mason Miller (president), Haala Ahmed (vice president) Grace Bennett (secretary), Nimsha Rangacher (treasurer)
For the Class of 2019: Hiruni Mendries (president), Robert Summers-Berger (secretary), Aneesha Sampath (treasurer)
For the Class of 2018: Julian Levin (president), Forest Wu (vice president), Young Sol Kim (secretary), Deanna Schaeffer (treasurer) `
For SGA Representatives: Nabila Okudo (president), Maddie Lee (vice president), Aaron Lazar (secretary), Amanda Merkin (treasurer).
These candidates, amongst others, put posters up around the school to campaign. They also used social media to advocate themselves to their peers to get their vote. “I wanted to run because I realized that next year will be my last, so it will essentially be my last shot at introducing new ideas and instilling the change people (and I personally) want to see,” junior Nabila Okudo said.
Okudo, and the others are looking forward to the year ahead. Current sophomore Hiruni Mendries was the class president this year and looks to make next year even better for her class. “I’m excited for junior banquet and hosting powderpuff, and making fundraising videos. I want the school to have fun, and make sure people have a great time,” Mendries said.
The SGA creates change around the school, while giving the students a chance to give their opinions about things at school that they would like improved. “Next year, I’m looking forward to guiding new projects and improving existing ones, working with different class officers/class plannings, and creating an atmosphere in which people are excited to participate in pep rallies, spirit weeks, etc. is fun,” Okudo said.
Coming out of high school feeling like she made a good impact on the school in the last year is a feeling that Okudo is hoping to have. “I’d like to leave Wootton knowing that the SGA worked to the best of its ability to make the year enjoyable for students,” Okudo said.
Junior Julian Levin has been class president for the past three years, and will continue in this role during his senior year looking for change throughout the school, with everyone coming together as one. “As seniors, we are looked up to by the rest of the school. We want to use this opportunity to build class community, as well as to show the other grades what it means to have positive school spirit,” Levin said.

Jill Geline

Commons Editor