Track and Field: Team completes toughest test yet


The track and field team is performing well at their meets and many athletes are living up to their expectations.
On Apr. 6, the team faced off against Churchill. The boys’ team dominated the 100-meter run, finishing with the top six runners led by senior Michael Amobi with a time of 11.4 seconds. The boys’ team also dominated the high jump event, finishing with the top nine finishers led by sophomore Mikhail Brown who jumped 5 feet 8 inches. The boys’ also had the top three finishers in the long jump led by senior Dominic Chow who jumped 19 feet 9.75 inches. In the 12 pound shot put event, sophomore Lucas Portes finished in first throwing the ball 33 feet 3 inches.
The girls’ dominated the one kilogram discus event, finishing with the top four finishers led by senior Kiana Johnson who threw the disc 59 feet 8 inches. In this event, the standout for the girls’ team was sophomore Erin Chelf. She finished first in both the 800-meter and 1600-meter races, setting new personal records in both races. “I thought the team came together to defeat a common rival,” junior Petr Tyspnyatov said.
On Apr. 19, the team faced off against Whitman and Richard Montgomery. The boys’ team did well, finishing with four of the top five finishers led by senior Troy Davis with a time of 2:04.90. The boys’ also did well in the 3200 meter race, finishing with seven of the top 10 finishers. They were led by senior Connor Lawrence, who ran a time of 10:26.00. In the 110m Hurdles at 39, junior Ambrose Devine finished in first with a time of 16.03 and freshman Daniel Liu finished in second with a time of 17.18.
In the girls’ 3200-meter race, the team finished with four of the top five finishers and were led by junior Emma Henderson, with a time of 12:46.00. In the four kilogram shot put, the team finished with the top four finishers, led by Johnson who threw the disc 24 feet 10 inches. In the triple jump, the girls’ finished with three of the top four finishers. They were led by senior Rachel Peng, who jumped 28 feet 11 inches. “I thought the team ran well against some very tough competition,” Mimi Drozdetski said.
On Apr. 21, the team competed at the 12th Annual Viking Invitational. In the long jump, sophomore Keith Cartwright finished in first, jumping 21 feet 4.75 inches. In the 110m Hurdles at 39”, Devine finished in third, with a time of 16.05. In the triple jump, Chow also finished in third, jumping 43 feet 0.5 inches. “The Viking Invitational is always a tough competition and we performed well against quality opponents,” junior Josh Ko said.
In the DMR 1200-400-800-1600m, the team of senior Shireen Chavoshi, and sophomores Jessica Trzeciak, Adna Trakic and Chelf finished in fourth with a time of 13:50.10. In the one mile, Trzeciak finished in sixth with a time of 5:27.01. In the one kilogram discus, Johnson finished in fourth, throwing the disc 73 feet 3.75 inches.
The event continued into the next day, Apr. 22. In the High Jump, Brown finished in third, jumping 5 feet 6 inches. In the 4×400 relay, the team of Devine, Cartwright, and juniors Sam Yi and Humza Mohiuddin finished in fourth with a time of 3:36.85. In the 3200 meter race, Riker finished in third with a time of 9:58.06.
In the 4×100 relay, the team consisting of Chavoshi, juniors Chanel Lucas and Ana Scherf and freshman Grace Osman finished in third with a time of 52.38. In the 4×200 relay, the team of senior Midori Smith, junior Nabila Okudo, sophomore Kayla Hill and freshman Mia Waller came in fourth with a time of 1:50.41.
From Apr. 27-Apr. 29, the team competed in the 123rd Penn Relays and the University of Pennsylvania. This was a challenging meet as the team faced off against hundreds of schools. In the 4×100 race, the team of Devine, Cartwright, Amobi and senior Steven Zou finished in 90th place with a time of 44.02.
The team’s next meet is the county “A” meet and will be on May 10, at Watkins Mill High School. After that, the county “B” meet will be on May 13 at Einstein High School.

Ryan Ullman

Sports Editor