Designated subject testing days create problems


Every department in the school has certain days of the week that they are allowed to give tests. But just because teachers are only allowed certain days doesn’t mean they follow them. “There’s been days that I’ve had three of four quizzes and tests and I’m not sure what the specific days allowed are but I’m pretty sure that three or four is more than I should have ever had in a day,” junior Alexander Adkins said.
Math, health, English and ESOL can test on Monday and Thursday. Computer Science and Tech can test on Monday and Wednesday. Music, science and PE can test on Wednesday and Friday. World Languages and art have Tuesday and Friday. Social studies and FACS has Tuesday and Thursday. If teachers want to give a quiz that is 15 minutes or less per period they can do that on any day that they want.
Teachers do try to do their best to follow these days though it can be difficult. “Our department to my knowledge only tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” history teacher Jeffrey Benya said.
Throughout the school there are varying opinions on this topic. “I think it looks good on paper, but it really creates more stress,” junior administrator Joseph Du Boyce said.
When a student is absent it is on them to make up what they missed. If a class tests on Tuesday and Thursday and the student misses Thursday and is back Friday then most teachers would encourage the student to take it Friday if not Monday, neither of which fall on that subjects test days.
Also, some students take two or even three periods worth of science classes so even though their classes can only test on certain days all of their science classes are allowed to test on the same day. “There’s been a few times this year where I’ve had chemistry and biology large quizzes or tests on the same day this year,” sophomore Adam Greenberg said.
Science isn’t the only department where that applies though. A large portion of juniors take world history and psychology, which are both social studies classes and which have had tests on the same day this year.
The point of letting departments only test on certain days is that it’s unfair to students if they have a test in almost every class on a certain day. The rules put in place are meant to help but it still hurts students who take multiple classes of the same subject. Additionally, students can have a quiz in all seven classes on one day because teachers aren’t restricted to when they can give smaller quizzes, only tests.
Furthermore, teachers have a short span of time to give their RQA’s. Since students from each school take the exact same RQA the goal is that if a student from one school takes it then talks with their friends from another school they won’t be able to share answers. RQA’s must fall on a testing day and in the span of time that they county gives them so teachers are limited with their flexibility of when they can give tests.

Max Pasternak

Business Manager