Seniors approaching end of road


Road to graduation #R2G

As we approach the home stretch until the senior class graduates, there are still multiple important dates. From the final spirit week of the year right up until each senior walks across the stage at graduation, these are the dates to remember.
Graduation meeting #3, April 28: There are a total of three graduation meetings and parents of each senior must attend one to hear information pertinent to students and pick up both graduation materials and tickets. Administrator Joe Mamana will discuss all graduation requirements and ensuring that all seniors complete them, and teacher Christy Rice will walk through what occurs during graduation rehearsal and then at graduation. Additionally, senior planning will detail upcoming senior events.
AP Testing, May 1-5 and May 8-12: Again, this is not exclusive to seniors, but the possibility of getting college credit should serve as motivation to study hard and do your best on APs. After working for the entire year to do well, make sure your hard work shows through. As a bonus, you won’t have to come to school on days of your AP tests. All dates for these tests can be found on the online school calendar or on the College Board website.
Senior Picnic, May 5: Because of Senior Planning and senior class fundraising efforts, the Senior Picnic is free. To attend, simply fill out a survey that can be found on the school website. Senior Picnic will take place at Smokey Glen Farm from 5-8p.m. and will include a dinner buffet, mini golf, frisbee and a wide range of other fun activities.
Senior Prom, May 19: Prom will take place at Glen Echo from 8-12 p.m. Come with date or just with friends, but either way get ready to dance the night away. After Prom will occur from 12:30a.m. -5a.m., but details have yet to be released.
Last day of school, May 26: It is (almost) all over. May 26 will mark the last day that the senior class will ever have to step inside this school, at least for classes. Be sure that your grades are all up to date at this point.
Mandatory graduation rehearsal, May 30: Students must attend this graduation rehearsal in order to walk across the stage at graduation and all obligations must be cleared. Rehearsal will take place in the main gym from 9a.m. -12p.m.
Graduation, May 31: Graduation will take place at DAR Constitution Hall from 2:30p.m.- 4:30p.m.. It is time to get our diplomas. Do not trip while walking across the stage.

Sydney Cohen

Features Editor

Road to beach week #R2BW

The weather is getting warmer and the school year is coming to a close, and you still are sitting on the couch eating a large Chipotle burrito or a Big Mac from McDonalds. The two hour naps and Netflix binge sessions keep you from any exercise.
But then you realize that swimsuit season is right around the corner and you need help to burn off those extra special love handles. Here are five ways to get that summer bod that even Channing Tatum would be jealous of.
Dabs for abs: Everyone strives to have rock hard abs or an hourglass figure that has everyone around you wooing. You will need to pair core workouts with running because the running burns the fat while the core tones and strengthens the muscle. Core workouts should be done everyday for the fullest effect. “Everyday at basketball conditioning Coach Dyer would make us do 200 core workouts. I hated it during the time but it was really useful to do everyday,” senior Kiana Johnson said.
Don’t skip leg day: While many people overlook leg day because walking in itself is a leg workout, your lower body contains some of the biggest and most important muscles in your body that need more attention in your exercising. Workouts like squats and lunges will give you strong glutes, athletic quads, healthy hammies and toned calves. “Leg day is the single most important workout you will ever do,” senior Justin Lee said.
Welcome to the gun show: Arm workouts are especially important because you don’t get the everyday workout of walking around like your lower half. Arms need special attention and correct form to get your biceps growing. Lifting weights is a great way to tone out your muscles. You should alternate between leg day and arm day to let your body recover. “I never realized the importance of arm day until I started working out for summer. Now I always try and work out some part of my arms everyday” senior Ben Klayman said.
Chipotle can wait: 80 percent of weight loss is working out, but the other 20 percent is eating right. Decreasing your junk food consumption and eating healthy helps to get in shape. Start small by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking meals at home and reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Do not starve. Eat healthy. “I used to eat Chipotle basically everyday, and now I have narrowed it down to once every two weeks. It’s a process,” sophomore Crystal Bridge said.

Haley Zmuda

Staff Writer