Break away from boredom with these spring break activities


If you’re home for spring break, there are still plenty of things to do around here, and plenty of places to go to pass time.
Play lasertag with friends at Shadowland: Shadowland is a laser tag place in Gaithersburg that was once a hit amongst lots of students when they were in elementary school. Although the majority of students have either never been or haven’t been since elementary school, there are students who still enjoy it. “I went last year over a long weekend and it was easily the best part of that weekend,” junior Trent Folk said.
Find a show at the Verizon Center: The Verizon Center is just a short ride away, and both the Capitals and the Wizards have regular season games during spring break. Additionally, the Capitals will almost certainly have home playoff games during spring break. The Wizards won’t start the playoffs until the tail end of the break. “I will definitely be at a Capitals game during spring break because I’m staying home,” sophomore Adam Greenberg said.
Rekindle with old friends: Lots of students have friends who they no longer go to school with but went to elementary school, middle school, camp, religious school or various other places with. It’s always nice to meet up with old friends, especially if it has been a long time.
Sleep: Just about every single high school student is sleep deprived between having to be at school at 7:45 a.m. and staying up all night doing homework. Spring break is a great time to catch up on sleep if nothing is planned for you and your families. “I plan on sleeping in every single day,” junior James Lee said.
Play sports: The spring sports teams don’t get all of the break off, though none of the teams will be practicing with their normal schedules. For example, the boys’ lacrosse team has a practice on the second Friday of break, followed by a tournament the next day. The girls’ lacrosse team is off for the entire break. Additionally, baseball has practice and two games over spring break. Even if you’re not on a sports team it will still be nice enough to go outside and throw a ball around or go for a run.
Get your homework done, whether you want to or not: Nobody likes the teacher who gives homework over spring break, but, if you have one of them, you may not have a choice. “Spring break has the word break in it for a reason and there’s no reason for us to get homework during it,” junior Jamie Glaser said.

Max Pasternak

Business Manager