Coed Volleyball: Genders clash as students prepare to dominate court


The students trying out for coed volleyball have been waiting for March to arrive to show off their newly improved skills and prepare for their first game. “I’m so excited for this season, because I’m a senior and I did the fall season, but every season is a thriller and I can’t wait for more to come,” senior Inigo Escuerriza said.
These students don’t play alone. “My favorite thing about volleyball is just the fact that it’s a team sport and you always have to play as a team. Because there are five other people on the court and it’s not a one man game,” senior Dominique Oertel said.
Girls and boys both try out for the spring season, instead of the usual girls and boys  separate teams for the fall season. Though the level of difficulty to get on the team is hard in the fall season, it’s a different scene for both of the genders, but they have fun and make the best of it no matter the situation. “In spring I think it’s easier for the guys because they have two teams they can tryout for, but it’s all fun in the end,” Escuerizza said.
Coed volleyball isn’t all work. Teammates are able to feel comfortable with each other. All teams have that one funny person they can always count on to help relieve all the tension. “When it comes to coed, its totally different but the guys on the team make such funny jokes. I think most of us can agree that Ben Price is the jokester,” senior Madison Adore said.
The seniors at this school all want the same thing this season, and that’s to be able  have a winning season. Their first game was against Clarksburg on Mar. 21. “I’m hoping that this season goes far, especially since it’s my senior year, and I’m guessing that the other seniors want to fight really hard to make sure that we do well this season,” Adore said.
With the talent on the roster, their is no reason that they should not have a deep playoff run and let the seniors have fun during their last season on the team.

Mary Hebron

Staff Writer