Track and Field: Hype for upcoming season grows


With track and field starting up again,  runners, jumpers and throwers are getting ready for another hard-working season.  With practices everyday, the team tries to match the success it had last year when it reached the state championship for running.
Before the season started, head coach Kellie Redmond stepped down. Assistant coach Jonathan Thomas filled the position.  The team has had to adjust to the new coaching styles but overall they are happy with the team’s success. The style of coaching hasn’t really change and neither are the goals for the team. “No one is really affected by the coaching change. Everyone has already gotten used to the style of Coach Thomas,” junior sprinter Humza Mohiuddin said.
This year, the team has surrounded itself with young runners who are ready to lead. These sophomores and freshmen have watched seniors graduate, leaving the team in the hands of these young students.  They hope to be able to push themselves and the people around them to help the team become victorious. “The track team has a bright future and I think can make it to states this year,” junior Jason Eisen said.
The school has talented runners and jumpers who fill up the stat sheet.  They take over events like long jump, triple jump, and other events.  Although it may look easy, these events take lots of practice in order to master. “It takes a lot of practice to really be good at jumping. You can’t just step up to the platform and jump 30 inches. You have to practice over and over again until you perfect your form,” junior Jason Eisen said.
Track and field always seems to bring in students who are cheering on their team. People will stand outside in the cold waiting for their school to walk away with a victory.  With the track meet being eight hours long, the students usually bring a blanket and food to help get them through the long meet. Even with the time length, the students keep coming back to cheer on their team. “I love going to track meets. Even though they are eight hours, I love hanging out with all my friends and cheering on Wootton in all the events,” junior Justin Slud said.
When the students aren’t running, they are creating strong friendships within the team.  Track and field provides students to not only become an improved runner but also to make strong friendships. It’s for this reason that some people regret not doing track again. “I didn’t sign up for track this year and I really regret it.  I left behind a lot of friends I made last year,” junior Daniel Philipose said.

Drew Shrager

Staff Writer