STARS holds annual frenzy in Commons


On the evening of Feb. 15, STARS students gathered in the Commons to hold the annual February Science Frenzy for elementary school kids. Each STARS council member was asked to perform an experiment with the additional help of three to four members.
Senior Zaman Naseer was in charge of making slime using corn starch, glue and water. Kids could make their own slime in colors such as blue, yellow, green and red. The slime did not always turn out as intended. “Our group had some difficulties and obtaining the correct consistency for the slime rarely occurred, but experimenting with the little kids to find the perfect recipe was great,” Naseer said.
Sophomore Keerat Singh and junior Margaret Lo assisted kids in the egg drop. Kids were to make different egg contraptions with bubble wrap, cartons and paper and drop them from the Commons bridge. Most of the contraptions failed to protect the egg, however Keerat Singh enjoyed watching the kids build their contraptions. “It was a really fun experience and a great stress-reliever to just spend a few hours helping little kids figure out different techniques to help protect their eggs,” Singh said.
Senior Kevin Zong created “dancing liquid,” also called oobleck, by mixing cornstarch and water. Kids played sounds of different frequencies to make the oobleck dance. “All the kids were really enthusiastic and interested in the activity. Everyone got involved and had a good time,” Zong said.
In addition to the experiments performed by the students, Dr. Kim performed a demonstration about electrostatics. “Dr. Kim did a crazy electrostatic experiment that amazed all the little kids. He did the same experiment for us during AP Physics but to be honest it was much more interesting at the fair because of how energetic and excited the kids were,” senior Michael Tran said.
Although STARS council hosted an entertaining and exciting fair for the kids, the turnout was small. However, STARS will continue to host this frenzy in future years.

Smriti Gupta

Front Page Editor