Wanted: Snow Days


Jack Frost has not come to Montgomery County yet. With about six and a half weeks of winter already passing by, Montgomery County has yet to have a delay, early release, or closing school because of the winter weather.

The county superintendent has decided to reduce the number of given days off because of the weather. From being given five days off last school year has been reduced to three days off (Montgomery county public school website). In addition, if the number of school days given off has been exceeded, the county adds on days to the end of the school year, takes off days from winter break, and take days off from a long weekend. Students, teachers, and parents of MCPS are very unhappy with this change. “I personally love the snow and winter more than anything, and having the amount of snow days reduced to only three days really makes me sad,” freshman Jack Rothenberg said.

Punxsutawney Phil has decided to give us six more weeks of winter. No one knows when the first snow day will be. The forecast for Montgomery County has been constantly changing and sometimes completely off from what the weather is. From January 5th- 7th The Weather Channel didn’t predict snow was going to rain down on our county, and it ended up flurrying. Even if a weather network predicts there to be snow, it is not known whether it will actually snow or not, “It’s crazy how it can be snowing one minute then sunny the next, now no one knows what the weather will be like,” sophomore Carli Mangum said.

The weather in Montgomery County has yet to be dangerous and drastic. Montgomery has received some snow and ice in the past winter weeks, but not enough to delay, release, and/or close school. The superintendent coming from Buffalo where there is usually a lot of snow, it might take a good amount of snow for an early release, delay, or no school. Conditions for school to be cancelled must be worse than a light coating. Kids all throughout the county pray for time off of school, “The real problem is if we even will have time off school because of the snow or ice, I love having no school but I personally think we won’t have that many days off,” sophomore Treyvian Wilson said.
Superstitiously having six more weeks of winter made students jubilant. This also means six more weeks for a chance to have school time off. In the upcoming February month, there is little chance Montgomery County will receive snow. During the 28 days of February, the temperature low will be 23 degrees and the high will be 72 degrees, expressing a fluctuation in temperature. Throughout the whole month there is projected less than two inches of snow combined (http://www.accuweather.com).  “Punxsutawney Phil siced us so hopefully there will be snow, creating a chance for no school,” junior Danny Rubinstein said.

Aaron Strauss

Staff Writer