Pros, Cons of Lenient Teachers



We all know them and we might have all had one. The lenient teacher are the teachers who are pretty chill about homework or other class assignments. They are  known for bumping you up a grade or two and stretching out a due date or deadline to help you out in little ways. You normally hear student reviews and opinions about teachers beforehand, so you can prepare yourself when you get your schedule.

There isn’t really any downside to having a lenient teacher,unless you’re one of the unlucky people who doesn’t have one. “ It’s not fair that some students have more lenient teachers because some students can be taking the same course but could end up with completely different grades based on what teacher they have,” junior Danny Maloy said.

According to “Another benefit the lenient teacher’s comfortable environment affords is greater student participation in class discussion. This promotes participation and activeness that is not normally found with a strict teacher.”

Lenient teachers create a different learning environment: a more laid back, relaxed environment. For some students they learn better without thinking of all the academic stress placed on them through the school day, whereas some students learn better with a more disciplined teacher. “I learn a lot better with a more disciplined teacher, because there’s less fooling around and we can actually learn the material we were intended to learn in the course,” sophomore Sophia Kram said.

When it comes to the argument of which type of teacher is more effective, the answer varies student to student. Each teacher has their own style of teaching that they believe best suits them and their class. “I personally prefer lenient teachers because they’re easier to get along with and to talk to during class where more strict teachers are harder to go up to if you made a mistake or have a question,” junior Natasha El-khatib said.

Students grades are affected by the teacher of the class. The subjects with the most lenient teachers can also vary because you can find them anywhere, whether you like it or not. “When I was younger I hated having lenient teachers because the class would be sloppy, and with more strict teachers you have more control of the class and the students pay more attention to content,” Math teacher Neil Klees says.

Catalina Escalante

Staff Writer