Importance of Team Workouts


As the spring sports season approaches, teams continue to workout together after school to get in shape for the season ahead. Students’ have been attending these workouts for a large portion of the winter. Some workouts are strictly conditioning, while others are work on skills to help in their specific sports. These workouts usually last an hour to an hour and a half, and they take place after school during the week. Offseason workouts make the season more enjoyable for the athletes because they get them in shape to have successful season when the time comes.

Team conditioning during the offseason helps students prevent injury, stay in shape and to build chemistry amongst the team. Having the ability to workout with teammates allows members of teams to get to know one another and to see how physically ready they are for the upcoming season. Sophomore Carli Mangum attends lacrosse workouts during the offseason not just to benefit their own physical health but to help their teammates as well.“ I go to workouts so I can get ready for the season and so I can help other girls get ready too,” Mangum said.

When a coach creates the itinerary for the team’s workouts they have to consider different ways to make sure that their squad will be ready to compete at the highest level come March 1. Coaches tailor their workouts to practice skills that they use in a game or just strictly running, lifting weights and pushing a weighted sled. Coaches such as baseball coach J.D Marchand make their conditioning sessions packed with drills that benefit their baseball skills and ones that help their physical well being as well. “I hold workouts for three reasons, to prevent injury during the season, to get the players in shape and to help develop mental toughness,” Marchand said.

Team workouts contribute to a team’s success on and off the field because they can promote a healthier lifestyle and make them better athletes in the particular sports. Conditioning during the offseason aids all teams around school because it improves their physical health, which improves the team’s fitness, which allows them to focus solely on their sport and not have to turn their focus to fitness. Junior Jeremy Goldstein of the baseball team attends his workouts because they make him a better baseball player and because it makes the team better as a whole. “I attend baseball workouts because they give me strength to throw hard and to hit the ball even further than I do now,” Goldstein said.

Athletes around school belong to gyms such as Gold’s and LA Fitness, but having the ability to workout at school with their teammates is a fun experience. Having fun and enjoying the workouts is a way for teams to build chemistry and bond over the conditioning sessions. Goldstein enjoys having fun during his workouts at school. “I like going to workouts to get stronger and build team chemistry,” Goldstein said.

Ethan Reff

Staff Writers