Students shine at Saturday Night Live


From sentimental slow songs to original melodies to rock band covers and finishing with an all engaging rager to finish off a night filled with singing, dancing and rehearsed comedy, TNL was a blast. Creating a spinoff of the popular talk show, Ellen, senior planning coined the name, TNEllen to spark an interest in the student body. Starting off the first act as hosts seniors, Alisha Dhallan and Georgia BartelsNewton dazzled with their Senior Planning versus Student Government jokes, as well as showing off their own bars to intimidate the second act hosts. Not hit by the blow of their lyrics,second act hosts seniors Stephanie Botchway and Jack Pugh used their own unique characters to spread laughs and continue the exciting night.
Leading up to the show, senior planners took to social media in order to promote “TNEllen,” posting pictures in various costumes and themes from pizza and pajamas to polar bears and hockey jerseys. Although the reason for these outfits was unclear, they caused laughter and excitement for the show.
Starting off the night was solo act junior Max Ramsay, who belted out “I’m Feeling Good,” a wellknown Michael Bublé song filled with power, passion and poise. Other acts who didn’t make the cut come voting time were dynamic duo of juniors Amritha Sridhar and Peter Hechler who sang a love song accompanied by junior Jason Silverman that created the sense of tension due to their mikes being placed on opposite ends of the stage. Senior Kevin Coi chose the up and coming song, Mercy by Shawn Mendes with senior Justin Cheung and music teacher Keith Swartz to assist him with a beat as he beatbox in the background. The Acabellas, an all female Acapella group sang a mashup lead by senior Sahana Chakravartti of I hate U, I love U and I need your love. “I’ve never heard of such a unique mashup, but they pulled it off,” junior Andie Stave said.
Four specific groups stood tall to judges Catherine Boswell, Mellownie Ho, Matthew Winter and Paul Kirk who voted them into the spotlight. Singing in the second half of the show was third place duo seniors Breece Parsons and Hailey Kerbin who sang a rendition of the pop song “Ex’s and O’s,” similarly to the Youtube famous version sung by actors Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. Also tied for third was junior bellydancer Hana Munshi who used sparkly clothing, a mask, and quick hips to awe the judges. Second place winner June Xu showcased her hidden talent of hulahooping featuring bright lights to illuminate the outline of the circular hoops. Finally first place crowdpleaser senior Myles Frost was the second to last act of the whole show lighting up the stage with Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” as well as running into a crowd of students screaming his name. “He’s going to be famous one day. Hope he remembers my name when that time comes,” senior Meredith Rathburn said.
Once again, TNL, or this year, TNEllen was a night where students could step out from their normal classroom setting and show their peers all their hard work, hidden talents and love for everything singing, dancing and comedy. Missing this show would have been a mistake.

Kelly Schuler

Commons Editor