Q&A with TNL winner Myles Frost


Q: When did you first start singing?
A: I first started singing when I was in the seventh grade so at 13 year old. That year, I played the piano at my aunt’s wedding and Cee-Lo Green’s manager was there and told me to start a band. I did that and for three years we traveled across the DMV to perform before I decided to start my solo career.
Q: How did you get your band started?
A: I started my band with my friend Michael when we were both living in PG County. Mike was the drummer and together we were able to build a repertoire of songs. My mother decided to manage us and suggested we add more people, so we added Alana who was our bass player and my cousin Deja as the lead singer.
Q: What other talents do you have besides singing?
A: Besides singing, I dance, can act, and play five different instruments, which include the piano, drums, alto saxophone, trumpet and baritone.
Q: What instrument is your favorite to play?
A: I love to play the piano and that is definitely my favorite instrument. Fun fact: When I was six-years-old I really wanted to be a drummer but the music program I was in required you to play the piano. I hated it at first but soon I realized I had a special gift where I could hear a song played once or twice on the piano and then I would be able to mimic it myself. Because of this, the piano quickly became my favorite instrument to play.
Q: What awards have you won?
A: Over the years, I have won multiple awards and performed at a number of venues, which include the Kennedy center, where I won the merit in music award, as well as performances at the Strathmore, and placed at the school’s local TNL competition for the third time in this year’s competition.

Geoff Pisarra

News Editor