Electives fair sparks interest in future classes


The annual Electives Fair for students in grades 9, 10 and 11 was held in the main gym on Jan. 10. The Electives Fair gives students an opportunity to learn more about the different elective classes offered here and can provide students ideas on classes they might enjoy taking the following year. With course offerings from social studies to science to music to art, selecting an elective can seem a bit overwhelming, especially for students here for the first time, so the following guide is intended to help students select the best electives possible for themselves.
One of the best recommendations I can give anyone when choosing an elective is to think about your classes with an open mind. You never know what electives classes you might find, and if you look into one or two classes, you might miss out on some great experiences and learning opportunities.
Another recommendation is to sign up for the class and turn in your form early in the process. The earlier you turn in your academic planning card, the more likely you are to get into the class you want. It is crucial to turn in your form early, especially if the electives you want have a lot of applicants and fill up quickly.
In addition, consider talking about the different electives with friends, who might help expand your thoughts on options to consider. Don’t just sign up for a class simply because your friends are also doing it, however.
When you find an elective that interests you, don’t hesitate to ask other students or teachers about the class. If they have taken the class, they will most likely be able to answer almost any questions you have for them about the workload, the teachers, the subject matter or just the class in general.
Most importantly, when choosing an elective class, pick a class that you are interested in and you think you will enjoy. If you love to argue and are thinking of going into law school after college, go ahead and take Law I & II. It can be a great introduction into becoming a lawyer. If you are interested in art over the centuries, consider taking AP Art History. It might not be the most popular class within the school; however, you could learn a lot from the class and learn many new facts about art over the ages that you would have not known previously.
If you have loved your science classes so far in the year consider taking a science elective such as Molecular Biology, Forensics, Nutrition or Research Project. “[Forensics] is very hands on and students can see there is a direct application to real world situations,” Forensics and Biology teacher Sanford Herzon said.
If English is one of your interests, and you love to write and read Newspaper, Yearbook, Gothic Literature, Shakespearean Literature, or Film Studies I & II could be the classes for you.
Maybe your forte is singing or performing arts. In that case taking Theatre, Stage Design, Advanced Acting, Play Directing, A capella or a band class. “[A capella really expands my singing abilities. Because I have so much work to do during the day, the A capella class helps me innovate my voice and the way I perceive myself as a singer,” senior Krys Ochman said.
Electives are a great opportunity for students to learn more about certain subjects, and if you use the recommendations offered here you should be able to find classes that are just right for you. “I went to the electives fair last year and it really helped me to find a great class that I have had fun in so far this year,” junior Justin Slud said.


Jason Silverman

Back Page Editor