How to be a professional snacker: Stress eating without the negative effects


With the end of the first semester steadily approaching, becoming stressed out tends to be a given. There are three types of people in this world: those who gain an appetite when they are stressed, those who lose it and those who just are lucky and have a normal appetite.
For those who are the first type, which includes me, stress eating seems to be a given before any test. For me the pantry is both a friend and foe, the passive aggressive person who gives backhanded compliment that first makes you feel happy but after some thought you realize that it was actually really mean.
However there is a way that the pantry can become solely a friend, and that is by snacking on some nice ole’ good-for-ya snacks that actually taste really yummy but don’t cause a sad tummy. So, here are a few healthy options for those who find themselves snacking when the tests come a-stacking.
Okay, okay, okay. I know what you are thinking: this foolish girl thinks that she’s some paramount health expert because she suggested fruit. Wow, what a revelation. Hear me out though. There is a reason I suggested grapes over apples and oranges. Grapes are the cheese puffs of fruit. They are small and come in bountiful supply with each set you buy. You can pop them in your mouth and just mindlessly eat them to your heart’s content. Four cups of grapes is merely 247 calories, while one cup of goldfish has 266 calories, according to myfitnesspal.
Popcorn is already something we munch on mindlessly when we view entertainment, so why not have it while working on some schoolwork? Popcorn is low calorie and is low in saturated fats, but also causes a huge mess that you can frequently take breaks to clean up. This popcorn I recommend is the one that’s not smothered in butter and salt, but rather brands like Skinny Pop or Angie’s Boomchickapop that give tasty, small snack bags with reasonable portions.
Snapea Crisps Original Green Pea Crisps Lightly Salted
These things are incredibly addictive and easy to munch on. They are absolutely delightful, and this is coming from a person who is afraid of peas. The serving size is 22 pieces, which is quite a bit, and only 110 calories. They are high in protein and the bags aren’t so large that if you accidentally finish it you won’t have just consumed a days worth of calories.
Pretzels and Hummus
Some like to dab and some to dip. If you like to dip, here’s an option for. You’ve got the salt from the pretzels, but not too much that you get absurdly thirsty. You’ve got the protein from the hummus, but not too much that you get full from the snack. They are easy to plow through and dipping is a fun thing that can be done absentmindedly.


Sarah Fagan

Profiles Editor