Say goodbye to good eats as school store gets rid of sweets


Last February the school store in the Commons temporarily closed. It then reopened mid March but was vastly different from the store that had closed just a month earlier. Gone were the “unhealthy” treats that students had come to know and love.
When students walked into school the first day, they walked into a new school store with new management. The biggest change to the store, besides the menu change, was that the school store was no longer run by the PTA and other volunteers. It is now run by cafeteria staff and the new menu includes items that can also be found at the cafeteria.
With change comes both positive and negative feedback. While the food is different and seems to be healthier. “I personally don’t like the new options they have. They are too similar to the food that they serve in the cafeteria which I felt was the best part about the old school store, it offered different options for us,” junior Ethan Heiberger said.
On the other side of the spectrum are the people who are in favor of this new menu. “I actually really like the new menu. Since the food is the same as the cafeteria food it always remains consistent no matter where you’re getting it from, which I like,” junior Ben Burger said.
While people may argue the new menu is the biggest drawback of the changes to the store, others feel the long line and time it takes to get the food is the biggest issue. These long wait times seem to be deterring people who might otherwise go there. “I tried to go there earlier in the year but the line was so long that it didn’t really seem worth it to me to have to wait in such a long line when they didn’t have anything that I felt I needed,” junior Myah Owens said.
One of the highlights of the new menu is the addition of iced coffee. Since they can’t serve the old menu due to county rules and regulations, the store has found a new hot item in this cold brewed drink, which has been received well by the students. “I’ve actually had it a couple times and I really enjoy it. It’s quite tasty and it doesn’t have a lot of sugar which is good because I have diabetes so I really have to watch what I eat and drink,” Heiberger said.
As the year has progressed students have seemed to take a liking toward the new school store and the variety of new, healthier, and more nutritious options that it has to offer. While it may never be the old school store that students had come to know and love, it may not be as bad as people initially thought.


Sam Greene

Sports Editor