Inappropriate clothing causes unfair dress code for Frost Students


Charlie Eichberg

For the first time in recent memory, Frost has had multiple offenses of people violating the dress code early in the year. “We’ve been enforcing it for some time” principal Dr. Joey Jones said, but in the past kids have been good at following it.
The main controversy is that girls are getting punished because boys are distracted when they are wearing revealing clothing. Students don’t believe it’s fair that they’re being punished for what boys are doing.
It’s distracting the boys, but the girls are still the ones getting in trouble. Girls can’t control that boys are getting distracted from their overly revealing clothing.
The handbook states that, “Overly revealing clothing is not considered appropriate.” Furthermore, undergarments of any kind can’t be shown.
In addition, clothing that has inappropriate language, or promotes alcohol, drugs, gangs, profanity, sexual conduct, and violence can’t be worn at school or at any school sponsored activity.
Recently, a girl was wearing a cross bra and someone in administration saw it. The rule is that if your clothes are deemed inappropriate, then the student must change her clothes, so that is what she had to do. Dr. Alana Murray, an administrator, is the one who has enforced these policies.
Jones said that “We’ve always addressed it when students wear something that is a distraction to learning.”
When administrators pull students out of classes, they have to miss material that the teacher is going over. Although they may be pulled out of class for just a few minutes, they still could be missing important material.
Instead of just letting students change clothes or put on a sweatshirt, students risk getting in trouble with the administration is possible too.
Everyone remembers in middle school when there were policies like having to be quiet at the end of lunch before being excused, which achieved nothing, and overreacting to the dress policy seems to be like another one of these pointless rules.
Administration argues that revealing clothes are a distraction that is just not needed.
The most fair solution would be to let girls wear what they want, unless it is showing way too much and clearly crosses the line. Girls should not be held accountable for what boys are doing.


Max Pasternak

Business Manager