All the single ladies: Singling out benefits of being single


In terms of singledom, there are usually three types of people: the ones who love being single and embrace it, the ones who simply couldn’t care less about their relationship status, and lastly, the ones who mope around looking for someone–anyone– to pair up with
My message to the latter group: Being single can be really great and fun. To prove it to you, here are some awesome things you can do when you are single.
Refer to yourself in the singular: In the case that you are single, feel blessed that you never, ever, ever have to respond to dinner plans saying things like “we’d love to come” or “will there be a cheese plate? We love cheese plates.” Do you see how gross that sounds? Icky.
Instead of Netflix and Chill… You can just Netflix! With no more pesky distractions during your sacred hours of laziness and relaxation, you can shift all of your focus to gems like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Wouldn’t want to miss any awesome one-liners from Charlie, Sweet Dee, Dennis, Frank or Mac.
Eat the entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese: Make sure to get the mac and cheese that comes in shapes, like the Spongebob ones, because those always taste better. In addition, if anyone makes a comment like, “Mary, that box says ‘serves eight’” or “Mary, don’t you think that’s a bit too much macaroni and cheese?” feel free to respond by saying something along the lines of, “I’m not fat, I’m cultivating mass.”–Mac, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Meet new people: Keeping this PG, I’ll phrase this as so– you are not bound to anyone now, so enjoy your freedom to be with any human who your eyes enjoy.
Play the ukulele: I took this hobby up recently and encourage anyone to learn the uke, as it is super easy to play and you can learn for free by watching YouTube videos and Googling chords and songs. It’s like playing the guitar but is easier (in my opinion), sounds more melodic (in my opinion) and is portable (fact).
“All the Single Ladies”: You know that part of the song where Beyonce says, “All the single ladies, now put your hands up” and then it descends into oh oh ohs? You are allowed to put your hands up, if you are single, that is. If you’re in a relationship and participate in this dance, the door is that way.
More time for friends: Not having a significant other enables you to spend significantly more time with close friends and family. Often times, when people enter relationships, they neglect these important relationships, which in the end prove to be the most valuable relationships of all.

Julia Gastwirth

Managing Editor