Girls Basketball: Girls battle to stay afloat this season


The girls’ season in long underway as they’ve gotten off to a strong start, taking down Northwest in a dominating performance for their season opener, and soon to follow was another big win over Kennedy.
After the non-stop work put over the offseason and scrimmages to boost the team’s chemistry, the anticipation was elevated for the girls’ season opener against Northwest away from home. The girls traveled down to the home of the Jaguars on Dec. 6, where they put their skill on display as they came away with an impressive 81-46 win.
The team’s morale was boosted following the big win on opening day, and the girls looked to carry the confidence back home where they would face the Kennedy Cavaliers shortly after on Dec. 9. Back on their home court and with the support of the Patriot fans alongside them, the team was fully charged and ready to go, which showed once they came out on top with a 60-34 win against the Cavs.
Spirits were raised following the second big win in a row, especially for junior forward Zoe Goldberg, who is currently the top scorer for the Patriots. “It feels good to be on a winning streak, it really boosts our game and I hope to keep contributing to the team as best as I can,” Goldberg said.
After a resilient 2-0 start to what looked to be a promising season, things began to spiral downhill as they went 0-2, with losses from an undefeated Clarksburg team and Poolesville, another team that just so happens to be without a loss this season.
Girls’ basketball follows an extremely tight schedule with little rest in between games, and only three days after the big win against Kennedy the team hosted the Clarksburg Coyotes, a school with a large emphasis on basketball, on Dec. 12. The Patriots fought hard for the entirety of the game, but in the end it wasn’t enough as they fell to the Coyotes 56-45.
The loss came hard to senior small forward Emma Weinstein who played a tough game. “It was really disappointing to lose in a game that was so hard-fought,” Weinstein said. “All we can do is not let it get to us and keep our spirits up to be able to win the next one.”
The next game for the girls proved to be just as difficult if not more, facing a tough Poolesville team at home. Only two days after the last game, the Falcons traveled all the way to the Patriots home court on Dec. 14, where they came out victorious with a 57-34 win, the second consecutive defeat for the Patriots.
After breaking even, now holding a 2-2 record, it was time to bounce back and they saw the game the next game against Quince Orchard as the chance to do so. After only another 2 day rest period, the girls traveled to QO on Dec. 16 in a game that they hoped would revive their season. The results played in the Patriots favor and after a close game the girls came out on top, besting the Cougars 60-52.
“We really needed this win,” senior point guard Shannon Welty said. “This will help us get back on our feet for the games to come.”
The team’s most recent game was on Dec. 19 where they traveled to Paint Branch and came out with a 74-56 loss.
The girls will look to improve to a 4-3 on Dec. 21 when they face rivals Churchill.


Alex Bellot

Sports Editor