Art With Heart Club formed to bring positivity to community


As I wander through the crowded halls of the new school alone I hope to find some club to enrich my passion for art and my desire to give to others. There, standing on a table, surrounded by dozens of people, I see a glittery poster covered with vivid reds, blues and greens radiating a new hope for me.
Sophomores Hannah Ho and Cindy Huang hold Art With Heart Club meetings every Tuesday after school in the fashion room with students working toward positively affecting the school and the community.
Ever since Ho came up of holding the Art With A Heart Club, her main goal was and still is to positively impact the community as well as the students, “Both students and the community would be affected positively,” Ho said.
For one, students would be able to use their skills for the good of others.
According to Ho, the Art With Heart Club is a unique organization for students to unite their passion as one and also use it to make a positive difference in the community, “Unlike other art clubs, we donate all our art to hospitals and other charity organizations,” Ho said.
Halloween was celebrated at the end of October and in order to give something special to children at the Holy Cross Hospital, Ho and Huang decided to have the club make Halloween cards for the children, “I’m hoping to give out all the holiday cards,” Ho said.
Once all the Halloween cards have been delivered to the hospital, Ho and Huang desire to give the other two hospitals something unique as well; “I hope to give all three hospitals a donation,” Ho said.
Both Ho and Huang will hope to have “as many [students] that are interested in our cause and are interested in art,” Ho said.
Not only do students acquire the benefit to improve their skills and enhance their desire to give to others, but they would also be able to earn student service learning hours after each meeting, “[Students] will be getting one hour per meeting,” Ho said.
Art With Heart Club members would be able to have different opportunities to support the club as the school year continues forward, “There would be a lot more opportunities for students to use art to give back to the community,” Huang said.
To raise money for the club’s art supply and for holding later-in-the-year events, “We’ll be having fundraisers,” Ho said.
A last incentive for members would also be held at the end of the school year, “We are planning to have one big event,” Ho said; it will thank members for participating and serve as a final reunion.
Ho is proud of being the club’s president and is excited for running it but is also “excited for the upcoming school year,” Ho said.
Holding this club is a new addition for the school and the community “because it’s always a good cause to give back to others,” Ho said.


Betsua Cuevas

Staff Writer