Alisha Dhallan: Running SGA, rocking poms


Senior Alisha Dhallan runs the show in terms of school spirit, holding essential pep positions such as Student Government President (SGA) and poms captain. This is no coincidence, as school spirit and the chance to help out the school community were two of her motivators for joining these activities. “I got involved in SGA because I wanted to be able to help out the school I love so much. Also school spirit means a lot and I’m sure we can all say that we wish there was more, and being involved in SGA seemed like the best place where I could increase it,” Dhallan said.
Dhallan has been a part of the poms squad and SGA since sophomore year, earning leadership positions her senior year, enabling her to become increasingly involved in the direction of these groups.
Although both these activities are similar in the way that they are highly involved in promotion of school spirit, they also differ vastly in their functions. “Alisha is a great president and has done so many positive things for SGA this year. I love being able to work alongside her as a fellow officer,” SGA Secretary Abigail McCann said.
SGA is a class and the main purpose of the organization is to represent the student’s voice, advocating on behalf of and acting as a liaison between administration and the student body. SGA plans pep rallies, homecoming and the annual spring project as well. The variety of these activities and Dhallan as head of this group this school year has allowed her to meet and interact with a variety of different people and groups within the school. “Probably my favorite thing about SGA is setting up pep rallies and seeing the school come together decked out in their class colors, as well as having the ability to come in contact with such a wide range of people from different parts of the school and community,” Dhallan said.
As for poms, the girls practice dances and perform at pep rallies, Friday night football game routines and competitions long into the winter. As co-captain, Dhallan choreographed three of the football games. “The thing I am going to miss about poms is performing at halftime at the games, and the teamwork aspect of being surrounded by all these girls,” Dhallan said.
As senior year continues to progress and Dhallan moves on to the next chapter of her life she reflects on her immersion in these two activities that heavily shaped her high school experience, “I am going to miss all of the people I have gotten close with on poms and SGA and miss being so involved in my school,” Dhallan said.


Rachel Clair

Managing Editor