Maximizing Halloween spirit despite Monday blues


Having Halloween fall on a Monday is brutal to say the least. After a late night of trick-or-treating or binge eating all of your younger sibling’s candy, going back to school is not ideal. However, there are always opportunities to get into the Halloween spirit.
Get creative with your costume
Use this day to express yourself by means of dressing up. This could be the one day out of the entire year where you have the opportunity emulate someone else, so take advantage of it. Stray away from the typical witches, bats and ghosts. Dress up as your favorite television or movie character, or maybe even your favorite food, because why not? If going solo is not ideal, add friends to the mix and brainstorm group costumes. No matter what, do not be that one boring person who does not dress up.
Wear that costume to school
It’s a Monday, which means 99 percent of people will either be wishing they were still sleeping, stressing out over homework they procrastinated so much so that they forgot about it completely, or both. Regardless, adding that creative costume will help to get rid of those Monday blues, especially while dragging through the school day.
Go trick-or-treating
Yes, there is school tomorrow. Yes, you have homework. So get that homework out of the way early for once and take advantage of the plentiful candy in your neighborhood. Maybe in high school we are a little bit on the older side in terms of going up to houses begging for candy, but I say the only time to pass up free candy is when it comes from a shady van.
If you’re not a trick-or-treater, at least eat candy
As I previously stated, candy is one of the keys to a successful Halloween. So, if you are really against going door-to-door, at least swing by Giant or CVS with your friends to get your favorite candy. I highly recommend any choccolate, particularly Reese’s or Kit Kats. If not, nonchalantly stealing candy from younger siblings is a great option. For an added bonus, eat it while watching classic Halloween movies. For specific movie recommendations, see page 7.


Sydney Cohen

Features Editor