MoCo students engage in walk-outs


About 800 students stand huddled in their coats. On the opposite side of the football field, someone is holding a poster high into the air. The cardboard says “not my president” Its Monday morning, 10 a.m., and rather than being in class, students from Blair have gathered to protest Donald Trump’s election as president.
The walkout was pre-planned and allowed by MCPS school officials. However, an hour later, students went further and left school property, walking to downtown Silver Spring, in attempt to get more media attention for their actions.
According to The Washington Times, the peaceful walkout received praise from reporters and politicians alike. Among those who supported the students was Democrat Jamie Raskin who tweeted “I’m on Capitol Hill but in solidarity w/ @MCPS students peacefully protesting against hate crimes in our community.”
A Richard Montgomery student was attacked at the high school’s protest. The student, who was wearing a hat in support of Trump, was supposedly trying start a conversation about the charged subject, however, the conversation quickly escalated into an argument, which then became physically violent, according to NBC Washington.
Some schools decided to make more of an impact. Students in D.C. from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, Woodrow Wilson High School and Sidwell Friends School protested outside the Trump International Hotel in DC. According to NBC Washington “Hundreds of students chanted outside the luxury hotel and held signs that read ‘My Body My Rights,’ ‘We Are Wilson High School’ and ‘Don’t Make America Hate Again.’
Students here had their own reactions to the protests. Among these students is senior Nitai Levenson who said, “It is important to have your voice heard as long as it is peaceful. We should be protesting the system that allowed [Trump] to get elected rather than him who won fairly through what has clearly become a broken system.”


Shelby Ting

Front Page Editor