Cheer: With all eyes on them, cheer did not disappoint


After several months of practice, training and summer workouts, the cheerleading team got their chance to shine on Nov. 12 at counties.
For the past two and a half months, the cheerleaders have been solely focused on supporting the football team. They practiced every week since the beginning of summer in preparation for Friday nights.
No matter the weather, the team could, “always count on the support they gave us,” sophomore linebacker Alec Yassin said. “They helped us so much by making banners for us to walk out through and making us delicious treats on game day. They always put the guys in a good mood.”
But now, all their practice was going to be put to the test. The football season was over and all the hours that were put in needed to be executed in three sharp minutes. “It was really exciting getting to see all the teams together in one single gym,” senior Talita de Oliveira said.
The routine this year seemed to be much harder than that of previous years and Oliveira explained that the idea of spending all this time practicing a single routine was nerve-wracking, however, right before getting on the floor the nerves seemed to, “come out.”
The girls finished seventh out of eighth teams. The Quince Orchard Cougars were the team to take home the Division I championship trophy. The girls had a solid routine planned out, but according to junior Shaye Smith, “missing a few hits,” cost them big since in cheer, the judges are looking for perfection. Regardless of not placing, the girls kept their heads high. It it was not all about the placement for them and the girls put their heart into it this year as they competed against some of the “best teams in the county,” junior captain Corinne Bregman said.
Not only was the captain excited about the team’s competitive spirit, she was excited that the team “was very close and bonded a lot this year.” For the seniors, it was their last time competing in the competition and it was all about having fun while doing it for the team.
Becoming part of this team to some was a life-changing event and made the transition into high school easier. “Its cool because I can look up to the other girls on the team as an example,” freshman Antonia Roach said. “I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.”
The team will have graduated four seniors by next season and will be able to continue building on what they had this year. “I think this team will continue to grow and improve,” de Oliveira said.
Also, an additional assistant coach may be added in an attempt to help the team place next year in counties.