SGA able to successfully sell homecoming tickets


Homecoming ticket sales have increased this year. Last year, SGA sold a little over 600 tickets while this year they sold over 800. This year they advertised the events over the morning announcements, having a pep week, and organized activities during lunch. “I think SGA pushed hard and they did a great job with homecoming this year,” Assistant Principal Joseph Mamana said.
A larger membership in SGA has led to the increase in sales as well. Last year, SGA did not have as many members, which made it harder to prepare. This year, with new members, it was easier to get the word out. SGA has a lot preparing for homecoming. “It’s always nice to see school spirit because we work really hard to make homecoming in general more fun for everyone,” SGA Member and junior, Nabila Okudo said.
Most of the money from homecoming ticket sales goes into buying and renting materials for homecoming, like the music and decorations. If sales had not increased the way they did they might have not been able to provide everything needed for homecoming this year, according to Mamana.
Students were fans of how casual and “lowkey” homecoming was, unlike prom where it’s a lot more formal. “In my opinion homecoming was really fun I think that this year’s dance was a lot better than last year, you could tell that SGA put a big effort into it,” sophomore Anna Abraham said.
Traditionally every class has an assigned hall to decorate. Since this year’s theme was “Around the World” every class decorated their float corresponding to a city. Homecoming is filled with old school traditions like the voting of homecoming princess and prince of every class, while some people go with dates most students go with a group of friends.
The only complaint homecoming received was that there was no food, “I wished there was actual food at homecoming because that meant me and my friends had to go eat dinner before which meant we had to spend more money,” junior Josee Bell said.


Catalina Escalante

News Editor